Day 14 #formationFOUNDATIONS | Keeping a Time of Sabbath

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 Day 14 | Keeping a Sabbath

Intentional spaces of rest help quiet the mind, heart, spirit, and body. They restore and rejuvenate us. Most of all, they remind us that our humanity is a gift given to us by God.

A regular practice of Sabbath honors our limits and allows space for a deepening experience of trust in God. When we willingly release control, our inclination toward self-sufficiency is gently removed. With unclenched fists, our own striving and tending fades. As we open our hands, we entrust our lives and our world to God again each week.

The practice of Sabbath is not one that is meant to bring us guilt or shame, though sometimes we feel that way when we aren't doing it the "right" way. But there is not a single right way of practicing the Sabbath nor is there a single day. For many, Sunday is a natural day for rest, worship, prayer, and play. But for those who work on Sunday, for those in shift work, nursing, retail, or ministry, it is not a day that inclines itself to the space for those things. So what alternative day or time can you find for your time of Sabbath? How do you intentionally schedule a time for Sabbath so that it doesn't fall away from your week?

One of our podcasts from Season 1 focused on Sabbath.  Lacy and I share why practicing sabbath is meaningful as well as what our practices look like. Lacy also shares her approach to "cease and feast."

Listen below, through iTunes, or your favorite podcasting app.   



We have included a Sabbath page each week in the planner to help you notice and cultivate this practice in your life. While it shares space with the Sunday page, you do not need to take your Sabbath on Sunday. We've intentionally added Sunday's details at the bottom, so that no matter what day you take Sabbath, you can use the top of the page without feeling like you're not doing it correctly.

Each Sabbath page features a quote that is meant to engage your emotions, thoughts, and actions. The quotes are primarily Judeo-Christian voices in a variety of texts, hymns, songs, and chants. You may connect with some quotes more than others. Consider the invitation each might extend to you.

Use this space to journal, jot down your reactions on the lectionary passages, draw, doodle, or simply be reminded of the importance of incorporating lots of “white space” into your life through a practice of Sabbath-keeping. Use the lined section of the Sabbath page can be used for journaling, a to-do list, or writing out a Scripture passage. It was designed for flexibility. 

Choose three priorities for the day.  If you are taking this Sunday as a Sabbath, your three priorities might be to worship, to play, and to rest. 

Now it is your turn ...

What is your practice of Sabbath? When do you hold your time of Sabbath? What challenges do you face in intentionally scheduling it each week? How would you like your Sabbath to change?

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