Episode 01 | On Vulnerability: Prayer, Art, and Parenthood with Scott Erickson

Artist and storyteller Scott Erickson joins host Jenn Giles Kemper to explore vulnerability through prayer, creativity, and parenthood. Jenn brings her natural curiosity and her experiences as a spiritual director to the chat, inviting listeners to ponder their own vulnerabilities in this season of Advent.

Throughout the episode, Scott and Jenn explore rekindling the wonder of God-with-Us. Scott shares about the “hauntings” he feels in his vocation and Jenn reveals which recent life experiences have been highlighting her own vulnerabilities at Sacred Ordinary Days -- and in her personal life, too.

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About the guest: Scott Erickson is a featured author in the Sacred Ordinary Days spiritual formation book shop, and his quirky, thoughtful words and art on prayer have been a favorite for our team and customers this year. (We’re thrilled to have added Scott’s newly released book, Honest Advent, to the shop, too.)

Why now: In the Christian season of Advent, we remember the centuries the people of God waited for the long-prophesied Messiah, who eventually arrived through the birth of Jesus. The word Advent, in fact, means “coming” or “arrival.” It marks the beginning of the liturgical year because it is where the story begins.

Reflection Point: How are you going to embrace something or someone that makes you feel exposed and vulnerable this week?


About Sacred Ordinary Days with Jenn Giles Kemper: Sacred Ordinary Days with Jenn Giles Kemper explores faith where it hits the pavement of work, relationships, creativity, and real life. Inspired by Jenn’s curiosity and faith (and her work as a minister and spiritual director) we’re crafting a show to help you meaningfully explore your own life with Christ — and ultimately lead you to become more wholly human and more fully faithful. On Tuesdays, join us for a conversation with folks whose words, work, and witness have shaped our team’s understanding of God and practice of faith. (Plus, we’re featuring lots of good music, prompts for your reflection and practice, and plenty of invitations into a community of kindred spirits!)

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