Guided Practice Groups: Learn, Practice, and Connect
Guided Practice Groups: Learn, Practice, and Connect
Guided Practice Groups: Learn, Practice, and Connect
Guided Practice Groups: Learn, Practice, and Connect

Guided Practice Groups: Learn, Practice, and Connect

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Learn, practice, and connect in the company of others with our guided practice groups for Centering Prayer, Sabbath for Ministers, and Lectio Divina. 

Each guided practice group will meet once a week for one hour via Zoom for four weeks. Sessions will include an introduction and teaching for any who may be new to each practice (or who would appreciate a refresher or a new perspective). The center portion of each session will be spent in practice together. The last part of our time together each week will be set aside for questions, answers, and further connection. Participants will receive an email each week with a Zoom link to join the group.

No experience is needed to join a guided practice group. Beginners and long-time practitioners alike will benefit from the intentional time spent in shared practice. 

Choose your guided practice group:

  • Centering Prayer: Tuesdays at 9:00 am central | January 11 - February 1, 2022 - Centering prayer is a practice of meeting and surrendering to God in silence. While silent prayer can feel intimidating, elusive, or idealistic, we hope to share how (and why) you might benefit from centering prayer over many seasons of life and how it beautifully accompanies other forms of prayer. 

  • Sabbath for Ministers: Thursdays at 2:00 pm central | January 13 - February 3, 2022 - Few have a greater appreciation for the practice of sabbath than those in the ministry. But when Sundays are your busiest day of the week, keeping sabbath can be anything but easy. Led by Jenn Giles Kemper, this group will workshop simple, practical ways to receive, protect, and enter into intentional spaces of rest and renewal. Shame-free and should-free, we'll get creative with each other.

  • Lectio Divina: Fridays at 10:00 am central | January 14 - February 4, 2022 - Lectio divina (literally translated as divine reading) is an ancient practice of engaging with a sacred text through attending, pondering, responding, and resting in the presence of God. Each week this group will explore scripture passages from the Revised Common Lectionary, reading scripture slowly and prayerfully while paying special attention to words and phrases that capture the imagination, and learning to recognize these as opportunities for prayer. 

  • Prayer of Examen: Coming Soon 

  • Sabbath: Coming Soon

  • Welcoming Prayer: Coming Soon

  • Imaginative Prayer: Coming Soon


Group Length: 4 weeks

    Weekly Group Sessions: small groups meet on Zoom for one hour each week for four weeks with info and meeting links delivered weekly via email.


      Sacred Ordinary Days offers a fresh approach, holistic tools, and time-honored resources to help people grow in Christ-likeness—and help the church come together—through intentional Christian spiritual formation.

      We create tools rooted in ancient practices and rhythms but translated with a clean aesthetic, and accessible language. We create courses to help you learn, practice, and connect with kindred spirits. We curate resources that help you fill out your toolkit. Ultimately, we believe that helping people grow in Christlikeness will build the church and, in turn, the kingdom. The building blocks are sacred, ordinary days.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Susan Bass (Murfreesboro, US)
      Lectio Divina with Brooke

      I have some previous experience with Lectio Divina, so I knew the basic concept, but I didn't realize how much more there was to discover. I learned so much about Lectio Divina and found ways to incorporate into my life. Brooke clearly put a lot of time, thought, effort and love into this group. Brooke's questions and approach also had a way of naturally bringing a group of strangers together. I was very comfortable and felt a closeness to these people I have never met. I really appreciated everyone's honesty and vulnerability throughout the course.

      Toni Gatlin (Austin, US)
      Examen course

      The Weekly Examen guided course was a delight and a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom. Jenn is a skilled and gracious facilitator and mentor, and hosting the course in an online group setting made it feel like joining a circle of friends each week. I looked forward every Thursday to the scheduled meetings; the weekly structure helped me stay on track with incorporating the practice as a regular part of my weekly rhythm. The month-long format is accessible even for busy people but the teaching is still impactful enough to help form new habits in a short span of time. I can't say enough good things about SOD and the courses I have taken, and I recommend this one to anyone who is curious about making the prayer of examen a part of their spiritual practice.

      Ann Conover (Germantown, US)
      Weekly Examen

      I enjoyed the Weekly Examen course. Although there is no "right" way to practice the Examen, it was helpful to be led through the practice to get a feel for the pace. On my own I feel like I either rush through, or belabor the movements and find frustration instead of peace and clarity. It's key to remember that the practice is about reflection. The practice is not undertaken in order to catalog the ways you may have fallen short in your devotion and service to God; the practice is undertaken to notice and see where God is and to see where you are and to see that God sees you and knows where you are. And He loves you exactly there.
      I feel like the "class" size was appropriate. If there were a way to defy the laws of physics, it would have been great to have the opportunity to meet IRL. As that did not happen, the Zoom option was good.

      Heidi C (Longmont, US)
      Centering Prayer Group

      I am so glad that I joined the Centering Prayer group. I was brand new to Centering Prayer, and it was a great experience to learn this practice in a guided group alongside others who were both new and others who have been practicing for a long time. I enjoyed the community aspect of it, but also appreciated the set aside time for prayer. There was good conversation with time to ask questions and hear answers both from Jenn and from others in the group. I can see fruits of Centering Prayer in my life and I am enjoying the time resting and being in God's presence, and it is something I will continue to practice and learn about. I'm 100% thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this group.

      Anita Smith (Gainesville, US)
      Centering Prayer Guided Practice

      My experience with this group was a 5 star experience I have been practicing CP for a few years, and wanted to be with others who are both starting out and experienced. Our group was a great mix of different people on the same journey. From time to time I wondered if I could “do” CP “better”, so I signed up for the guided practice. Good call on my part.
      I learned new tools, and the responses of group members during our reflection time helped me grow in my own CP experience. Jen’s prompts for reflection produced insightful comments from the participant that really affirmed and stimulated my spiritual formation.