2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner
2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner

2022-2023 Academic Weekly | Sacred Ordinary Days Planner

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     NEW 2022-2023 Academic Planners are LAUNCHING MAY 31!  Order early to ensure you get one! We were only able to order half our usual amount. Planners ship in July.      

The Sacred Ordinary Days Planner is designed to help you cultivate a whole life—one of prayer, work, rest, joy, and connection.

When you're looking at your life as a whole and not in pieces, y
ou'll be able to identify what's working well and what small tweaks you might make as you go to make things more effective, sustainable, or joyful. You'll begin with naming and noticing what is and then reflecting, integrating, and resetting. Over the course of a whole year, you'll be surprised at the way you'll come to cultivate sustainable and sustaining rhythms, based on the liturgical year, practices of prayer, and approaching scripture afresh. 

Though we can't come alongside each of you as a Spiritual Director, we hope this planner (and the community of people using it all over the world) will offer you companionship and guidance on the journey. Let us be an entry point or anchor to approaching this new-old way of being with humility, curiosity, and creativity.


  • Simple weekly format shows entire week in one view
  • Weekly, seasonal, and yearly prompts to reflect & reset with the prayer of examen
  • Weekly scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary
  • A weekly invitation into sabbath rest and joy
  • The rhythm of seasons, holidays, and holy days that make up the Christian year (also called the liturgical calendar or church calendar) 
  • The practice of creating—and living into—a “rule of life 
  • “How To” pages, resources, and reflections for the beginner and the master alike

The Sacred Ordinary Days Planner is the culmination of years of learning, listening, teaching, and walking alongside people—just like you—who were hungry for peace, presence, and purpose. Drawing from Jenn’s experience as a Minister and Spiritual Director, our planner is designed to help you prayerfully discern and faithfully do the work you are uniquely called to and created for. Anchor yourself as you offer your work as your prayer and your prayer as your work, while also making time and space for connection, rest, and play. Our hope is that our planner will help you do your work effectively, joyfully, and sustainably—no matter what your work is.


  • August 2022–July 2023
  • Simplified, lightweight format for planning one week at a time
  • Monday–Saturday 2-page spread
  • Weekly examen and Sunday sabbath pages
  • Solid black printing throughout
  • Sturdy coil binding for pages that lay completely flat
    Foldover paperback covers for durable pliability
  • Liturgical wheel calendar inside the front cover
  • Finger labyrinth and sabbath idea bank inside the back cover
  • Eight-page mini workbook for creating and living into your own rule of life
  • Comprehensive "How To" guide
  • Made in the USA (entirely created, designed, printed, and bound in central Texas)


  • Week-at-a-glance views with Monday start
  • Three daily priorities to focus your attention
  • A section for each day's schedule, notes, journaling, or to-do list 
  • Weekly lectionary text from the Bible
  • Weekly quote to engage your emotions, thoughts, and actions


  • Guided prayer of examen page with prompts to reflect & reset
  • Sabbath page with quotes from a variety of voices in the Judeo-Christian tradition for sabbath inspiration
  • Weekly priorities help you enter each week with an awareness of what truly matters
  • Intentionally unfilled space for flexibility as your practice of sabbath changes and grows over time


  • National holidays (US and Canada)
  • Holy Days from the Christian year (liturgical calendar)
  • Lined space for events, milestones, and priorities
  • Month behind and month ahead mini calendar


  • Introduction to each liturgical season
  • The season in scripture
  • Seasonal Holy Days
  • Questions to ponder
  • Practices to consider
  • Seasonal examen pages 


  • Year in review pages for planning ahead or reflecting back
  • Yearly examen pages for honoring a new year, birthday, anniversary, or other significant date

Coil-bound softcover: 272 pages

Dimensions: 7 x 8.25 x .75 inches

Shipping Weight: 1 pound 6.2 ounces


Jenn is the founder and the heart behind Sacred Ordinary Days. Her background in ministry and spiritual direction, her love of connecting people, and her desire for beautiful, useful, theologically robust resources for spiritual formation drive her to create. An experienced leader, teacher, and speaker, Jenn's vision inspires and propels others forward. She relishes a challenge, values learning, and loves being at a growth edge. Jenn is also a lover of color, hospitality, sunshine, shared meals, and shared life. 


Sacred Ordinary Days exists to help people grow in Christ-likeness—and help the church come together—through holistic Christian spiritual formation.

We create and curate tools and resources rooted in ancient practices and rhythms but translated with a clean aesthetic and accessible language, like the Sacred Ordinary Days Planner. Ultimately, we believe that helping people grow in Christ-likeness will build the Church and, in turn, the Kingdom. The building blocks are sacred, ordinary days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lourey Savick (Jamaica Plain, US)

I have been using Sacred Ordinary Days planners since the second year, and they have been transformative in helping me recognize patterns, habits, the sound of my inner voice, etc. I love that the sabbath quotes have continually challenged me to build better boundaries and to prioritize God’s will in my daily life. It can be so hard to find a Christian journal that is not just cheesy platitudes or conservative translations of Scripture verses. Instead, SOD has challenged me to integrate mind, heart, body, and spirit and has been so valuable in my life and work.

Hannah Cameron (Rochester, US)
New format looks great

I *just* received this years SOD weekly planner (minutes ago) and even after leafing through, I'm already so excited to use it! I am thrilled about the soft cover, flat open, spiral bound pages (one of my only quibbles with the hardback, bound planners). Since I take this planner on the go, it makes it that much more portable and usable in different spaces. I was really pleased with the new format for the Sabbath spread, with more open space for journaling in the "rest and reflect" section. As always, the reminders in the front about using examen pages and a rule of life are lovely. I'm planning on incorporating these and more resources to write my first rule of life this year. The only thing I was bummed about changing was that the weekly spreads do not have a prayer, quote, or scripture passage. Since the weekly spread is where I spend most of my time in the week, it was always nice to have something there in the past to bring me back to center on God. Thank you, Sacred Ordinary Days team, for adjusting to the crazy times we live in to still provide this wonderful resource.

Anna Beaudry (Waco, US)
Best Planner - 6 Years as Customer

I've been using Sacred Ordinary Days as my planner for six years now, and I have no intent to ever change to another planner. Obviously I love it for planning purposes; the layout is clean and elegant, and it gives me just enough space to write down the essentials without feeling cluttered or overwhelmed. I enjoy the space for examen; it helps me reflect in important ways. I think that it has a guide and focus for examen, too; I do best with prompts, so it's perfect. But mainly, I love having the daily office in the planner. I have a really complicated relationship with the church and with scripture. Scripture reading was used as a punishment when I was growing up, so it's always held a lot of guilt and shame in my life. Sacred Ordinary Days has been a way for me to slowly reconnect with scripture without pressure or a feeling of obligation. I don't read my Bible every day, but the fact that Sacred Ordinary Days has gotten me to read it a little bit more frequently is a huge gift. Get this planner! You won't regret it.

Megan Meyer (St Louis, US)
Keeps me grounded

I have tried many planners over the years, but they always left me feeling overwhelmed rather than peaceful. Until this one! I love that the SOD weekly planner leaves plenty of room for me to write what I need to, rather than my feeling like I need to conform to the planner’s ways. The weekly examen & Sabbath pages are a balm for my soul and keep me feeling grounded. I feel less pressure with this planner, yet this last year using it has been one of my most productive! Amazing what happens when we let go of the hustle & let the Holy Spirit lead. The Sacred Ordinary Days planner has helped me with that. Thank you!

Christi Watson (Knoxville, US)
Never Going Back

I am a teacher on my second academic planner. I will never go back to a traditional planner. The SOD planner has helped me stay anchored in my faith while moving through incredibly busy seasons. I anxiously await the 2022-2023 edition!

Jordan Smith (Tappahannock, US)
Best Planner I've Used

I love the Sacred Ordinary Days planner! I have the weekly one, which works for my season of life! There is enough room for me to write in my three priorities of the day and to write out my to-do list each day. The weekly examen has been so helpful in keeping me centered and reminding me of the important things in life. As I reflect each week, I am reminded of the life God is calling me to live in this current season. I highly recommend the Sacred Ordinary Days planner!

phil farmer (Longview, US)
A wonderful tool

I first encountered this planner when I bought it for my minister daughter. A couple of years later I saw it again as an ad. My work is as a university professor but I am also a contemplative of many years and a lay monastic.

In my training as a spiritual director it is a tool I share with my fellow directors and it helps me to observe the hours and leads to other practices. It is a daily companion that I heartily recommend

Blanca J. (Spring, US)
A planner for living well (Daily Planner)

What words can I use to express how wonderful this planner has been? I fear going over the top, so will try to sound grounded in this review. That's the whole point, though ... grounded ... in Christ. I've never had a planner that gave me a sense of peace just by resting my eyes on the cover. I realize it's not the planner itself, but the thoughtfulness and love poured out from the makers, and, ultimately from The Maker of all. What a gift! Last year, I decided the complicated planners-with-algorithms-to-increase-productivity model had to go. I didn’t want to feel like a machine. A year later, enter Sacred Ordinary Days. I downloaded the sample and felt a bit of hope. I downloaded the transitional four-month PDF planner, and my heart soared. I now have a hard copy of the 2022 Year C planner. Everything is so well thought out. The presentation is simple. The daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms are life giving. Every page added beyond the daily pages adds richness. Following the church calendar on a daily basis has made me feel connected to brothers and sisters around the world in present day, and with those who've gone before. I meet God here. THANK YOU Sacred Ordinary Days! Thank you, Lord. Peace.

Erin Alley (Grand Rapids, US)
my favorite planner

I just bought my 4th SOD planner. I use the academic year since I'm in seminary. The weekly layout helps me keep track of assignments and the liturgical features help me stay present and grounded. The combined planner and liturgy remind me that my work is my worship too. My SOD planner helps form me and give rhythm to my days.

Heidi (Longmont, US)
Happy with this Planner

I am so happy to have this planner. I was unsure about spending the money, since I don't have nearly as many events or thing to plan as I did before the pandemic, but the beauty of this planner is that it is more than just a place to jot times and dates. I use the small daily spaces to often joy down a thought or a prayer. I use this planner to write down what I'm learning from God. I keep track of friend's birthdays, I am keeping a reading list, etc. The cover is gorgeous, and I love how pretty it is.