Creative Marketing Assistant Job Opening (March 2019)

Creative Marketing Assistant Job Description

Sacred Ordinary Days is a Waco, Texas-based organization creating spiritual formation tools for an online community. We are looking to hire a remote part-time marketing assistant who will be responsible for content on various social media platforms. The position will begin at $10/hour with flexible part-time hours on week days, with the opportunity to grow into a larger position.

To apply, please read the full job description below, then send your resume and the requested task to Megan at by March 11. Video interviews will be scheduled for March 11-18. You will be kept informed about your application status. The position will be filled by March 29.

 To download a PDF of this document, click here.


  • Daily consistent access to a computer (not solely a smartphone) and reliable internet
  • Experience creating content for Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms
  • Willingness and ability to meet deadlines
  • Desire to work on a collaborative team, while also being autonomous in your tasks
  • Creative communicator 


The creative marketing assistant is responsible for the creation, scheduling, posting, and ongoing review of content being shared on social media platforms, primarily focused on Instagram and Facebook. We hope to continue to share content that teaches, connects, inspires, and encourages. The content you create should be on-brand, creative, and compelling to our existing and potential online community.

  • Work with Jenn Giles Kemper (founder and CEO) to learn about our community and business goals, then develop a strategy for engagement based on a combination of our experience and expertise and yours
  • Create a content calendar that aligns with other business goals and the needs of our community
  • Create original content for the Instagram grid and stories
  • Develop creative ways of sharing content from our existing community
  • Identify accounts of kindred spirits exhibiting beautiful posts, articulate and thoughtful captions, and warm engagement with their own following that we might build relationship with
  • Uphold the tone of voice of the company and its warm, gracious, encouraging pattern of communication
  • Develop a process for analyzing engagement and iterating content strategy 


Please put the posts into a document and attach the images/videos for the story in the application email.

  • Create 3 posts for our Instagram grid – images & captions, recommended hashtags (if any)
    • 1 sharing a graphic you’ve created
    • 1 sharing a photo you’ve taken
    • 1 sharing a photo you’ve found & and have permission to use
  • Create 1 Instagram story
    • 1 related to Sabbath, the Examen, a guided prayer, or a spiritual practice 


We are a company that started with a signature daily planner centered on the church year and lectionary. We interact with a lively community of 5,000 followers on Instagram that appreciate following our account for beautiful images, thoughtful captions, prayer prompts, learning about the church year and spiritual practices, and even building relationships with other followers and users of our #sacredordinarydays hashtag. Our community includes clergy, seminary students and faculty, stay-at-home parents, and other laypeople with a variety of vocational expressions. Some of our followers grew up within the rhythms of the church year indenominations that made use of the lectionary. For others in our community, these tools and rhythms are wholly new.

Sacred Ordinary Days values diversity of talent, experience, and contribution among its team members. Our company is powered by a small, dedicated team of individuals who live in various places in the United States and are committed to the craft of their work and the heartbeat of our brand and community.

Though we are primarily known as a planner company, we see ourselves growing into a thought leader in contemporary spiritual formation, offering not only tools, but also gatherings, one-one spiritual direction, group spiritual direction, books, and year-long spiritual formation programs, all using modern approaches rooted in ancient practices.

To download a PDF of this document, click here.