Director of Marketing Job Opening (September 2020)

Sacred Ordinary Days
Director of Marketing

Based in Waco, Texas

This position has been filled

The Director of Marketing is responsible for the strategic, consistent growth of our audience and sales in both breadth and depth. As a member of the Sacred Ordinary Days leadership team, you report to our COO/Integrator. The Director of Marketing supervises and leads all members of the Marketing Team, guiding our community, content, and conversion strategies in order to successfully reach our growth, revenue, and profitability goals, and is responsible for the investment and stewardship of the marketing budget. 


As Director of Marketing, you are responsible for the strategy, creation, scheduling, and ongoing review of all content being shared by Sacred Ordinary Days. You will work with our Founder/CEO/Visionary and our existing team to learn about our community and business goals, then develop a strategy for mediums and engagement based on a combination of our experience and expertise and yours. You’ll also develop a process for tracking and analyzing engagement and iterating strategy accordingly. 

You will be responsible for maintaining and improving our performance marketing, website, email, social media, ads, funnels, blog, and rewards program. We need you to build out our SOD affiliate program, SMS marketing, influencer/content sponsorship marketing, affiliate revenue streams, SEO, and partnerships.

You’ll keep an editorial calendar that aligns with other business goals and the needs of our community, coordinating content and creators across platforms. You’ll serve as copywriter-and-editor-in-chief for all communications, upholding the tone of voice of the company and its warm, gracious, encouraging pattern of communication. And, you’ll ensure everyone on the Marketing Team keeps procedures documented and up-to-date, reflecting current best practices.


  • You’re curious and love learning, experimenting, and innovating. Rather than being intimidated or overwhelmed by new things, you eagerly learn about and adopt appropriate technology, tools, and systems to help you meet your goals more easily, effectively, or efficiently. 
  • You’re a problem solver, driven to tackle challenges and figure things out. You know the value in debriefing at certain milestones and when a project is completed to ask what is and isn’t working and why, and then assess the best next steps.
  • You naturally gather people around your ideas and interests. People want to learn from you and be around you because of the way you think and speak. People lean in when you’re talking.
  • You’re able to plan workflows independently, recognize roadblocks and bottlenecks, and identify the best course of action to keep moving forward. You're able to prioritize and plan ahead, yet can (ungrumblingly) adapt quickly as needs and opportunities arise.
  • You are an incredible copywriter.
  • You’re experienced at gathering relevant data on existing customer base, ideal customers, market opportunity, competitors and colleagues, with the ability to apply that data.
  • You know how to create data-driven, beautiful, engaging email newsletters and get excited about doing it.
  • You have experience running ads and building funnels that convert prospects into long-term loyal customers.
  • You’re familiar with (or eager to learn) the liturgical year, contemplative spiritual practices, sacramental language, spiritual direction, and varied denominations within the Christian tradition (beyond just your own experience) and sensitive to nuance in language.
  • You have at least basic graphic design, photography, and videography skills, including awareness and appreciation for principles of design and their application in web media.
  • You agree with Brené Brown that clear communication is kind communication and are able to communicate with warmth, clarity, and efficiency.
  • You live in the Waco, Texas-area (or you’re willing to move here) and are able to work from home with occasional in-person meetings for the time being, and then work in an office when we have one (hopefully by Spring or Summer 2021, pandemic allowing).


    • $50-$60K
    • Full-time, 40 hours per week


    • How familiar are you with Performance Marketing?
    • What makes you the right fit for this position with Sacred Ordinary Days?
    • What relevant experience do you have with marketing, advertising, and community growth?


    We serve an inter-generational, inter-denominational, and inter-racial community of women and men who are hungry for beautifully designed, deep, useful resources as well as opportunities for conversation and connection. Our tools and resources are used by individuals, families, colleagues, schools, and churches. We have grown to interact with a world-wide community through email, social media, and the use of our products.  

    Though we are primarily known as a planner company, we are becoming known as a thought-leading, innovative voice in contemporary spiritual formation and ministry, while remaining rooted in eccumenism and ancient practices. We are growing to offer not only tools and resources for churches and individuals, but also courses, gatherings, spiritual direction, books, and spiritual formation programs.