The inaugural Sacred Ordinary Days retreat will provide an opportunity to connect in person after many months of building relationships with other kindreds online, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the end of season one of the podcast together. In addition to building and deepening relationships, this retreat will focus on more in depth teaching about the church calendar and contemplative spiritual practices. We'll also be providing resources for more sharing tools and practices with the other people in your life.

Main discussion will be led by Jenn Giles Kemper of and Lacy Clark Ellman of, the co-hosts of the first season of the Sacred Ordinary Days podcast. 

In an effort to balance our desire for an accessible price-point and fewer days away from family (and hopes that your travel and hotel expenses will fit into your budget), with our expectation of rich, valuable time together, we've decided to keep the main retreat experience to one full day on Saturday, plus a gathering meal on Friday and a sending meal on Saturday. Those who are able to extend their stay and spend more time building relationships (and exploring Waco), will be able to participate in optional free "excursions" on Sunday.

Friday, May 27, 2016

- Gathering meal on Friday night, May 27th 
We'll begin gathering & have appetizers starting at 6pm. Dinner will be served at 7pm. You know we believe in the value of sharing time around a table together, so please come and literally join us at the table!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

- Gather at 9am
- Lunch options will be available on-site or you may bring your own
- Close at 5:30pm
- Sending meal on Saturday night, May 28th
We'll come together at 6pm for appetizers, followed by dinner at 7pm. Lacy and Jenn will say a blessing of sending.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

- Sunday Excursions for any and all interested