Warehouse + Customer Service Manager Job Opening (September 2020)

Sacred Ordinary Days
Warehouse + Customer Service Manager Job Opening

Based in Waco, Texas

This position has been filled


The Warehouse + Customer Service Manager is responsible for overseeing the warehouse, inventory, and shipping; customer service; and assisting the Shop Manager so that our community and customers are well-served, vendors love having us as customers, and kindreds in the work of Christian spiritual formation consider us a dream partner. As a member of the Shop Team, you report to and work alongside the Shop Manager to help meet the goals and steward the budget of our online shop.


  • pick and pack orders with care so that our customers receive them quickly, correctly, without damage, and as inexpensively (for them and us) as possible
  • deliver orders to USPS and UPS each afternoon by 5pm M-F, except on postal holidays
  • maintain shipping supplies, including reordering and suggesting better options, as needed
  • keep warehouse well-organized, tidy, and clean
  • receive, process, and stock deliveries and returns  
  • perform in-depth analysis into the costs, processes, systems, and tools we use with an eye to greater efficiency for us and greater joy for our customers
  • manage the main company email inbox, hello@sacredordinarydays.com, responding to every email in a timely manner
  • handle the day-to-day needs of our customers with thorough, quick care, both proactively (website and store management) and reactively (by taking care of customers who email us with questions, concerns, problems, praise, and suggestions)
  • uphold a warm, gracious, encouraging pattern of communication 
  • monitor sales and demand to ensure stock quantities are sufficient, anticipating changes in demand based on list growth and seasonality of products, as well as taking historical sales into account
  • determine necessary reorder points & quantities for restocking
  • increase overall efficiency of ordering and the specific needs of individual vendors 
  • exchange and return products that are not selling
  • keep vendor files updated on Dropbox according to established standards and procedures for organization and file naming
  • keep procedures documented and up-to-date, reflecting your current best practices
  • keep inventory quantities up-to-date in our online store and alert the Shop Manager to issues as they arise, recommending pro-active, creative solutions


  • lives in Waco, Texas-area, able to work primarily from our shipping location (5900 Franklin Avenue)
  • organized, systematic, efficient, dependable, problem-solver
  • invigorated by learning new things and tackling new challenges
  • able to communicate with warmth, clarity, and efficiency by email and phone
  • comfortable working independently and alone to ensure continuity of service in a safe space (even during a pandemic)
  • able to lift packages up to 50 lbs and endure repetitive motion 
  • able to make daily trips to the post office to drop off packages (2 miles round trip)
  • personal equipment preferred:
    • personal vehicle capable of delivering 10 USPS totes to post office covered from elements (Car with large trunk, hatchback, or small SUV are more than capable, we use our Prius with the rear seats folded down)
    • smartphone with personal hotspot or other device to serve as backup should there be internet problems at the warehouse, and to scan products at warehouse or assist in timely customer service should you be away from a computer


  • Full-time, 40 hours a week (8am to 5pm M-F), with some flexibility
  • $25-30K


  • Draft a response to the following customer email: "SO LAST WEEK I ORDERED ONE OF YOUR CALENDAR BOOKS AND PAID FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING. IT TOOK 3 DAYS TO GET HERE AND IT WAS EVEN THE WRONG COLOR. I WOULD LIKE A FULL REFUND AND AN APOLOGY." You look up her order: She ordered a blue planner and paid for express shipping. She was shipped a blue planner and it shows delivery within the 1-3 day estimated shipping timeframe. Our return policy is listed on our website.
  • Draft an email to a product vendor: We have been waiting on a large order from a longtime vendor. Their products are very popular with our customers and have been on backorder for quite a while. The shipment arrived poorly packed. A significant number of items sustained damage and are not saleable.
  • Write a product description for Tsh Oxenreider’s Shadow and Light following our formatting and procedures as exemplified on our website.


We serve an inter-generational, inter-denominational, and inter-racial community of women and men who are hungry for beautifully designed, deep, useful resources as well as opportunities for conversation and connection. Our tools and resources are used by individuals, families, colleagues, schools, and churches. We have grown to interact with a world-wide community through email, social media, and the use of our products.  

Though we are primarily known as a planner company, we are becoming known as a thought-leading, innovative voice in contemporary spiritual formation and ministry, while remaining rooted in eccumenism and ancient practices. We are growing to offer not only tools and resources for churches and individuals, but also courses, gatherings, spiritual direction, books, and spiritual formation programs.