6 days 'til Launch: Attend. Abide. Abound.

Our 2021 Liturgical Year B Daily + Weekly Planners launch next Tuesday, September 1st at 9:00am C (in case you want to mark your calendar)! So each day this week leading up to Launch Day we're sharing about the fresh approach and time-honored tools our planner is based on. 

Instead of just introducing you to our planners, we want to introduce you to a longtime planner user, too! Kim Gronsman Lee has inspired us in 2020, the year of pandemic-tide, with the way that she uses her daily pages intentionally to reflect and journal. Kim’s Instagram bio reads: Neonatologist, recovering perfectionist, mom/wife/daughter/sister to wonderful people of God. 

Read on for Kim's planner story in her own words.



If you’re interested in daily planners, you’ll have noticed that they often include space for writing in your “Big Three” tasks for the day. I might be interested in planners — or I might be mildly obsessed. 

Anyway, despite the obvious appeal of the “Big Three” idea, I’ve found it hard to narrow tasks down to the Three Most Important at the beginning of each day. Would those three tasks be the most important for work? For family relationships? For health and fitness? For emotional wellness? For household maintenance, logistics, survival? 

So let me confess what I’ve been doing more days than not, for quite a while now. 

Daily, my Big Three are:

  1. Attend: Attend to God — listen to His voice, hear His word, and let Him attend to me.

  2. Abide: Abide in Him, rely on Him moment to moment, and let His word abide in me.

  3. Abound: Increasingly — through His power — know, experience, and share the depths of His love.

—Kim Gronsman Lee


Lately — I find a window and look at the clouds and sky.


Lord, may we all know the joy of receiving and sharing your love.


Maybe you’re a person of extreme consistency and discipline. Maybe you’re a person who grows best loosely along a trellis. You might even be a little of both, depending on your season of life. No matter what, you're in the right place. We love seeing someone like Kim take the trellis the planner provides and make it their own in ways we never could have anticipated or imagined. 

The daily pages in our planner combine structure with flexibility to help you find the mixture of direction, intention, productivity, and efficiency that's right for you. What simple practices might help you grow toward your truest, fullest self? How can they serve as anchors throughout your days? What is your hope when it comes to your daily practice? Or, said another way, what is your hope for your sacred, ordinary days? 

If you want to know more, take a look at our planner collection that will launch on September 1st.

Alongside you,