Advent as A Fresh Start

The days here in Texas have been getting shorter and even a bit cooler. With every sunrise and sunset, we approach November 29th, the first day of Advent and the first day of the new liturgical year. Advent feels unique because it gives us the opportunity to start fresh. Turn a page. Begin again. Wipe the slate. Adjust our minds. Attune our hearts. Muster up hope. Stubbornly pray for peace. 

This season always helps me remember the many years—centuries, really—the people of God waited for the long-prophesied Messiah, who eventually arrived through the birth of Jesus. You might know this, but the word Advent, in fact, means “coming” or “arrival.”

It marks the beginning of the liturgical year because it is where the story begins. We have the chance to experience the story as it happened for those who came before us: with anticipation, with groaning, with longing, with hope.

It is no new practice for us to wait in the dark. We, too, live in a world of shadows. We, too, trust in a future victorious day. We, too, cling with a stubborn hope to what God has promised: the return of our coming King. Advent is a time for us to practice the “already but not yet” kind of waiting.

One of my favorite ways to accept Advent's invitation to begin again is a brand new planner—nothing says "fresh start" like all those beautiful blank pages. Want to see how I set up my planner for Advent and all the other seasons to come? I did a Facebook live today that you can replay here. I loved saying "hi!" and share some of my favorite postures and practices as we look towards beginning a new liturgical year.







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