Bundles up to 30% OFF for Advent/Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Change can be exhilarating. It's also often hard. When I start a new spiritual practice or explore a new rhythm,  I intentionally approach it with a sense of curiosity, and even playfulness. I'm more open to taking risks and can step further beyond my comfort zone when it feels fun—and when I hold the results loosely. It's important to leave room for the unexpected.

This year has been full of so many new things for me personally and for Sacred Ordinary Days. We have a new infant in our family and have reacquainted ourselves with the fatigue and fullness-of-life that entails. As a company, we have a whole new wonderful team, which means tons of new ideas we want to incorporate and new tools and resources we want to bring you. In order to do that, we're reminding ourselves to come to things with that same sense of playful curiosity. Otherwise, the number of decisions to make can seem overwhelming, and the number of things to do paralyzing. So we're trying things out, learning what works, and allowing ourselves a little bit of grace in the process.

We decided back in September that this is our year to go all out. We want to put it all on the table, or leave it all on the field, or whatever other sports metaphor you can come up with that means we are giving it everything we have. One of the new things we've tried this year? Contracting with a local, savvy company to help us with our ads on social media so that we could focus on other things. (Did you know Grant devoted 20 hours a week to them when he was managing them? ) They've mostly rocked it, but recently an ad went up with a typo in it...and another with a poor wording choice. You might have even seen it yourself. (Several of you kindreds messaged us to make sure we were aware of it, and we appreciate your careful eyes). We could have chalked that mistake up as a loss and scrapped the whole relationship over it. Instead, we chose to learn from it, add an extra layer of review before posts go live and keep moving forward. Though, one of the things we've learned over the last year is that we need people familiar with & called to the work of Christian spiritual formation who are experts in the skill we need. So, if you want to work with us to create ads that are as thoughtful and creative as the community of kindreds we serve, hit reply. Bonus points if you're in Waco.

And in that same spirit of playful curiosity, I'm so excited to tell you about our first-ever Black Friday Sale! I've always been a little conflicted about Black Friday and the rest of the Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday stuff. That's why we've never offered anything! They often seem overly gimmicky, and we know that you are a thoughtful consumer who doesn't just hit "buy" because something has a flashing discount next to it.  Also, we want to be with our families this week and we're sure you do, too. Half of our team is grieving the loss of parents and significant relationships this year, so we're feeling especially tender-hearted. That being said, our core values of humble curiosity and gracious generosity are leading us to experiment. We're giving you the chance to save some money and check a few folks off your Christmas shopping list, or find a few folks to share a new spiritual practice with this year by offering bundles!

So, we're giving Black Friday a whirl this year, even though we may never do it again. And because you're one of our kindreds, we're letting you know about it first. Keep scrolling for all the details.

P.S. Right now is a great time to earn discounts through our rewards program and/or check everyone off your shopping list with our bundles and group sales discounts!