Christmas came early! The podcast is LIVE and Scott Erickson is our first guest!

Week three of Advent—here we are! Churches all over the world lit the candle of joy on Sunday and added to the candles of hope and peace. Peace, hope, and joy... Those three words feel a bit more important this year, don't they?

Recently I shared a bit about the podcast we’ve been working on, and today is the day I’ve been waiting for—our first episode is LIVE (and available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts)! 

In today’s episode, I chat with Scott Erickson about prayer, parenthood, and his latest book Honest Advent: Awakening to the Wonder of God-with-Us Then, Here, and Now. Scott’s work as a touring painter, performance storyteller, and author has impacted my life in powerful ways, and having the chance to speak with him about the places where life and faith intersect was a gift. I think it’ll be a conversation that you’ll enjoy unwrapping, too. 

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Working on the podcast and putting myself “out there” in this way points me toward the significance of honest reflection and the practice of inviting others into my everyday vulnerabilities. It’s okay to ask hard questions,  answer what I can, and calmly admit, “I don’t know.” If you’re like me, vulnerability isn’t exactly a quiet experience. Thankfully, Advent teaches us that peace is much more than a silent night. 

It's a blinding light pouring down from the heavens. 

It’s Mary, young, brave and receptive, boldy saying yes to God.

It’s a chorus of mighty voices shouting praise, honor, gloria, good news, and do not fear.

My hope is that the podcast adds more voices to this chorus and generously reflects the peace offered from above. Join us with your open heart and able hands as, together, we receive and usher in the Kingdom-of-God-come-near. 

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