Easter + Advent Resources for Kids and Families

We have just a few Easter and Advent resources left in our Kids and Family Life Collection, so we've marked them down to 25% off.  Jenn asked me to share how I saw (and hope to see) these products bring Holy Days to life for my daughter, niece and nephews, and Sunday School class.

Next week we'll send all these products to the vault. Some of them won't show up in our shop again for a while and some won't reappear at all.  

We hope this gives you an opportunity to plan ahead—and save a little money—on thoughtful and meaningful resources for the kids in your life. 

By purchasing any of our out-of-season stock below, you'll help us add new kid-focused products to the shop sooner rather than later and place much-appreciated reorders with our beloved partners right now. From our whole team & all our partners, we're grateful for your orders!

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The Giving Manger Advent Activity Set

SALE $30.00 (44 left)

I was surprised at how well my little one took to The Giving Manger with no prompting or reminding. It was a joy to watch her find extra-special ways to be kind, giving, and caring during the Advent season—not because Santa was watching out, but because she wanted to prepare a place for the Christ child. Extra sets of these are going in my gift closet for nieces and nephews next year.

Star From Afar Stable Animals

SALE $15.00 (9 left)

My family had so much fun with our Christmas Star from Afar resources last year. We used the Stable Animals as an elf on the shelf alternative—an idea that came from Jenn's conversation with Star Kids Company founder Natalie Ard. You see, the animals wanted to follow the star and help find the Christ child, too. Each morning my daughter awoke to find them in some kind of mess or mischief near the Star's hiding place. Each evening she put them back in the stable where they belonged—with a reminder to stay put and practice waiting patiently, even though it's hard! Then we read that day's Scripture Card to learn more about the story of Jesus' birth.

Since I gave all my nieces and nephews the main Star from Afar set last year, I went ahead and bought sets of Stable Animals and Scripture Cards for them now. I'm happy to have at least part of Christmas shopping done, and can't wait to add to their collection. I also grabbed an extra set of Easter Story Egg Scripture Cards to use next spring with my Sunday School class of 1st-4th graders.

Christmas Star From Afar Scripture Cards

SALE $6.00 (6 left)

Easter Story Egg Scripture Cards

SALE $6.00 (6 left)




Hymn Art Prints by Little Things Studio

$20.00 (2 left of each 12 available)

One way Team Sacred Ordinary Days has been coping with shelter-in-place is hanging new artwork on our walls. It brings a freshness that feels especially welcome right now. We're all enjoying the extra touches of hope, joy, and brightness—including our little ones! We think these colorful Hymn Art Prints make a sweet statement in kids' bedrooms or play spaces. Buy any combination of 4 or more and a 15% discount will automatically be applied in your cart.