Episode 02 | On Journeying: Travel, Traditions, and Turning to the Psalms with Tsh Oxenreider

Writer and travel guide Tsh Oxenreider joins host Jenn to talk about journeying through shadow and light during Advent — and using the Psalms to map the way. 

Tsh shares about navigating different faith traditions and forging a new path for herself — a path that, as it turns out, has been well-tread by centuries of Christians before her. Tsh and Jenn discuss spiritual pilgrimages, finding meaning from cultures outside their own, and sifting out gifts and graces in the Psalms. They also dive into book recommendations and their favorite seasonal songs, and Tsh reads an excerpt from her new book, Shadow & Light.


About the guest: Tsh Oxenreider is the bestselling author of several books, most recently Shadow & Light, a guide for the Advent season using Psalms as a prayer book, and At Home in the World, the story about her family’s year traveling around the world out of backpacks.

Why now: Popular culture would have us believe that the 12 Days of Christmas are simply a countdown calendar to December 25. But as Tsh points out, that’s not how the Christian calendar works. We celebrate Advent, and then Christmastide, with its 12 days of celebration stretching to January 5. Depending on your tradition or denomination, you may be wondering...if I’m holding back on Christmas traditions...what does that leave me with for Advent? Jenn and Tsh discuss.

Reflection point: How might more fully engaging in Advent as a season of preparation for Christmas allow us to lengthen your celebration of Christmas itself? As Jenn explores in this episode, perhaps in your answer, there’s a clue as to something you might do right now to go a bit deeper next Advent, too.


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