Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday commemorates the day Jesus’ body lay in the tomb. It is the last day of Holy Week and is a day of mourning.

    Listen, Lord, to the cries of your poor: break hell’s hold, fling wide heaven’s door.

      • Practice solitude, stillness, and silence on Holy Saturday, allowing yourself to truly experience darkness
      • Participate in an Easter Vigil or Tenebrae service
      • Do without any fire or flame through Easter morning, including hot showers and warm food; rejoice in rekindling the flame on Easter Sunday

    Holy Saturday is intentionally stark. The chrysalis represents Jesus in the tomb and brings to mind his body wrapped in burial shroud as well as the caterpillar awaiting second birth. It is composed of eight pieces, foreshadowing a new beginning—resurrection to abundant, eternal life. Three concentric circles ring the image to remind us of the three days Jesus spent in the tomb. The Greek is gregoreite, a call to watch and pray through the darkness. 

    As Christ waited three days in a tomb
    So do we wait for resurrection life.
    We wait in faith,
    That You are even now giving us new life.
    We wait in hope for the Lord.
    All creation waits for the Lord.


    (from Litany for Lent, Week 5 "Waiting," Call and Response: Litanies for Congregational Prayer by Fran Pratt, 2018, Outpost Press, Used with permission)