Inner Work ∞ Outer Work

Since naming renewal as our theme for the month, I find myself noticing invitations all around me with fresh eyes. Some of them are unsurprising—invitations to truer rest, to deeper connection, to more attentive presence, all of which fill and restore me. But invitations are also popping up in less expected places—my closet, my backyard, my desk, my Instagram feed. 

These simple and more practical invitations have me pondering the intricate interrelatedness between inner work and outer work. In my earliest days as a business owner, before Sacred Ordinary Days and the planner, I worked with a graphic designer to craft a symbol that represents this relationship. It's a reminder for me that growth is the result of an endless and seamless connection. We bring the outer work in and the inner work out, over and over. Each one informs the other, and we are not whole without both.

Another invitation that's been particularly persistent is to let this week's newsletter be a little shorter and sweeter than usual. My brain is tired and the words that usually flow overabundantly just aren't coming right now. I'm ok with that. I appreciate knowing that you will be, too.

Instead of giving you more of my words, I'm leaving you with some book recommendations from our team. These are the books that have helped us pursue renewal as part of our whole lives (not just part of our spiritual life or faith life). In other words, they've helped us connect our inner and outer work.

How do you approach the relationship between inner work and outer work? Do you experience more renewal when you're aware of the connection? What resources have helped you approach renewal more holistically? 

Alongside you,

P. S. We're looking for someone (several someones!) to shoot our next round of photos and videos. We would love to partner with someone who's a great photographer and also actually a Sacred Ordinary Days planner user. If you'd like to take clean, simple, beautiful photos or videos for our next collection and launch, please send me an email and a link to some samples of your work. Yes, this is a paid gig. :)



We often share books and other resources that help us pursue renewal from a spiritual perspective. These are books that have helped us pursue renewal as part of our whole life, even beyond our faith life. Several of these authors have multiple books that fit this category (ahem, Gretchen Rubin and Brené Brown). 



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