Kindred Tea Time: Easter Baskets

 If we could sit down with you over a cup of tea (or coffee) each week, these are the tools and treasures we’d be excited to share with you. We’ll ask a question, share our answers, then invite you to join and share your own tools and treasures on a teatime break.


What has been your favorite Easter basket item you've given and gotten?


Give: Sun-San Sweetheart Sandals


"My little one gets a new pair each Easter and wears them all summer long."


Get: Quench Lip Rescue by Tarte

"A creamy, barely tinted lip balm. My favorite shade is Cherry."


Give: Green & Blacks Dark Collection Library

"Green & Blacks chocolate found at most grocery stores.
This gift set comes packaged like a mini book collection - even more reason to love."


Get: Seattle Chocolate Company Signature Truffle Bars

 "A treat that doubles up as a greeting. My personal favorite is their dark chocolate truffle bars - the Rainier Cherry Truffle bar (with praline pecans and cherries) is a match made in heaven."

Give: What Do You Meme?


"I love giving small card games in Easter baskets, and "What Do You Meme? has been a favorite for us! They have a regular edition, and then a family-friendly version for little eyes and ears among us!"


Get: Wine Wipes

"I'm a big red wine fan and these are magical wipes that get the red wine stains off your lips and teeth so you don't have "wine mouth" in pictures!"

Give: Bump Toe Sandals by OshKosh


"OshKosh Bump Toe Sandals for our boys. We get a new color every year!"


Get: Cadbury Mini Eggs

"A once-yearly treat!"


Get: Maybelline Super Stay Lipcolor

"My favorite Spring Lipstick: Maybelline Super Stay in Continuous Coral."

Give: Cuddle + Kind Dolls

"I’ve loved gifting Cuddle + Kind dolls - they are so cute, and I love that they give back to hungry kids."


Get: Wet Brush

"One of my favorite things I’ve ever been gifted, a wet brush! It completely revolutionized the way I do my hair, and my husband frequently borrows it."