Kindred Tea Time: Favorite Planner Feature


What is your favorite planner feature?

Daily Priorities & Rest or Reward

My favorite planner feature is the balancing of priorities with rests and rewards. As a consummate workaholic, having the daily reminder to find rest is really life-giving.

Full Bleed Tabs


My favorite feature is the full bleed tabs that I can quickly find my place or refer back to an earlier month or season in my planner. You know that feeling when you crack open a bible to THE EXACT RIGHT PAGE? It's like that every time with my planner.

Rule of Life


I really love the rule of life section, which we’ve recently expanded for the 2020-21 Academic planner and expanded further in the 2021 planner. It infuses and informs everything else. I’m a big picture person, so I love taking the opportunity to step back a bit and then figure out how to make things small & practical in my days and weeks.


Sabbath Pages

I also love the Sabbath pages. I’ve been doing quite a bit of shoring up of my own Sabbath practices as the needs of my home, heart, work, and family keep shifting.

Rest | Reward Bank

The Rest + Reward Bank helps refill my cup and reminds me that I am worthy of rest. It is a useful tool for me to take charge of my own rewards and practice of self-care. Filling this up makes me feel as gleeful as planning for a vacation!


Liturgical Season Practices to Consider

Liturgical Season Practices to Consider are wonderful, practical ideas at my fingertips to adapt into my home and for my kids as we enter into each season with more intentionality.


Prayers from "Common Prayer"

These brief but powerful daily prayers have become an integral part of my daily routine. Even if I don’t have time to read the Daily Office first thing in the morning, I make it a point to sit down and pray this prayer before I begin my work for the day.


The built-in rhythm of yearly, seasonal, and weekly examen. I need those regular reminders to reflect and reset and am a much better, happier version of myself when I do it.