Kindred Tea Time: Favorite Planners


Which 2021 planner cover is your personal favorite?
Are you a daily or weekly planner person?

Favorite Cover: Behold

I’m a romantic at heart, and the night sky + twinkling lights gives me that warm, fuzzy, calm feeling. Pair the Behold cover with some Wynton Marsalis and a cappuccino and you’ve met my ideal match!!


Daily or Weekly: Daily

To-do lists are what help me be most productive, so I need the space that a daily planner offers. I’ve wondered if switching to a weekly planner and then using a to-do list notepad might work for me, time will tell! This year though, I’m sticking with the daily.

Favorite Cover: Abide

Abide and Open Meadow Green. I can’t pick just one! The twining pattern of Abide makes me think of the trellis that is my rule of life. And I like the way the fresh greens complement each other and inspire me to keep growing.


Daily or Weekly: Both!

I plan to use the Abide weekly planner to keep track of my schedule, tasks, and to-dos and the Open Meadow Green daily planner for personal journaling and reflection. 

Favorite Cover: Evensong

I’m a huge fan of both Open Meadow and Evensong. Since I picked Open Meadow last time around, I think I’ll be getting Evensong this time around!


Daily or Weekly: Daily

I used to be a weekly person because I liked a birds-eye view of my appointments and meetings when I worked a corporate job. Now that my life looks a little less hectic, I plan to use the daily to encourage more reflection.

Favorite Cover: Behold

After years living among city lights, I’m grateful to be in a time and place where I can stand and rest beneath the stars each night.


Daily or Weekly: Weekly

As much as I love to make daily plans, life on a homestead with small children means that my days often take unexpected turns. The weekly planner allows me to chart a meaningful course for the week, while remaining resilient when something needs to change.


Favorite Cover: Behold

For my personal daily planner I’m so excited to have the limited edition Behold cover. I have said so many prayers under a cathedral of stars and look forward to having some to carry around.


Weekly or Daily: Weekly

I’m actually thinking I’ll use the weekly as a family yearbook, writing down quotes from our kids, making notes about meals, recording adventures and milestones. So, I let our boys pick which cover they liked for that. Grant and all 3 boys picked the Evensong Blue bookcloth cover.

Favorite Cover: Glowing Ember

The vibrant red of Glowing Ember has drawn me in since day one. As one kindred put it so well, it gives the sense of the Holy Spirit propelling us on at all times!


Daily or Weekly: Weekly

I love having me a weekly planner in order to see the big picture of my week at a glance. This helps me think and plan ahead, and make preparations for activities, meals, appointments and events.