Kindred Tea Time: Favorite Summer Outside Activities


What are some of your favorite summer outside activities?

Nostalgia Electric Bucket Ice Cream Maker

I’d make homemade ice cream every week if my trusty old ice cream maker hadn’t bit the dust last year. I’m eyeing this one as a replacement.


Floating the River with @rockinrriverrides

My family has camped outside Uvalde, TX every summer for four generations and I grew up floating down the Nueces River in literal car inner tubes. For a quick and more convenient river float fix, we head to New Braunfels and float the Comal or the Guadalupe.

Coleman Camping Chairs

Lately, we’ve been enjoying setting up in our camp chairs and watching my daughter chalk on the driveway.


Inflatable Pool with Built-In Cover

With Texas’s unforgiving sun, protecting my daughter’s sensitive skin is a top priority for summer play. So when we started to look for an inflatable pool for her to play in, I looked for ways to shade it. I was pleased to find this option, that has a built-in cover!

Stream Machine Water Gun

After a long day of work, I relax with an iced tea while I watch my boys play with water guns in the yard. I used to constantly fill up guns and screw the cap back on, but I found that the syringe type squirters are more fun and are something my 2 year old can do all on his own.  Now I just throw a water hose over a tree limb, and let it drip into a bucket which the boys can suck up water and squirt themselves for hours.  Now I can finally just sit back and enjoy my iced tea, (until they decide that I am their next target!)

Patio Chair

We do just as much playing with our boys as sitting in chairs watching them. It’s back and forth, back and forth. So, having a chair that is easy to move, isn’t going to soak up or be easily damaged by water, and is the right angle to add a baby to your lap matters. I bought a set of 20 of these for our first #sacredordinarydays retreat in May of 2015 and our family still uses them! They’re at @HEB, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and all manner of local hardware stores, with colors coming and going each season.


Herbs to Repel Mosquitoes & for Cooking

I’m loving gardening, as I’ve shared lots and lots. But, a few plants I’m adding into our play area are lemongrass and some other herbs to help keep the mosquitos at bay (plus, I use them to cook with!). I still get some bug bites, but fewer than before! I bought mine at @greenlifenurseryandlandscaping.

Disc Golf Set

Equal amount of relaxing fun and competition. Disc golf can be played by young and old alike and is easy to transport from your backyard to the park!


Silicone Ice Pop Molds

Summer heat means refreshing ice pop treats! These molds lie flat and hardly take up any space in our freezer. I love being able to pour in my juice, smoothie, or yogurt drink of choice and be popsicle-ready anytime for my girls!


Croquet Set

Anyone else have a partner that doesn’t love board games as much as they do? Well, that’s the definition of me & my husband, but we’ve found that outdoor games are a great compromise. Croquet has become one of our favorites to pull out when we’re having friends over for dinner. Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?


Fun Floatie

There is nothing I love more than spending a summer afternoon in the pool with a float. The float allows you to relax and stay cool and avoid the problem of pruney fingers. Just grab your favorite beverage and hop in the pool! All the more fun that the floats are cute designs - they even have a bacon floatie!