Kindred Tea Time: Honoring Mothers

 If we could sit down with you over a cup of tea (or coffee) each week, these are the tools and treasures we’d be excited to share with you. We’ll ask a question, share our answers, then invite you to join and share your own tools and treasures on a teatime break.


What are some meaningful ways you're hoping to honor the mothers in your life—including those for whom motherhood may stir grief—even if from afar?



Eucalyptus and Lavender Epsom Salt Baths

"I inherited my love of soaking in the tub from my sweet mama, and there’s no better bath than an Epsom salt bath for tension, sore muscles, and a little bit of me-time."


@waxingpoetic Mother Bird Charm

"My mom has a Waxing Poetic charm bracelet that she loves, so I’m adding this sweet, limited edition charm (etched with “Thank you, Mom, for my wings,” on the reverse side) to her collection." 


@wellscooperative Eloise Necklace

"I have been wanting to gift my mom a locket with my late grandmother’s picture. This Eloise necklace is beautiful, yet functional and gives back to the Pediatric Congenital Heart Association."


Soy Terrarium Candles by @zoetstudioinc

 "These exquisite 2-in-1 “candle plants” are the perfect gift for mom friends that I want to cheer on for being amazing… particularly during this challenging time of having to do and be it all!!"

@EmilyMcDowell_ Card

"I can’t say enough about Emily McDowell’s line of cards. Her website says “we make products that speak to the human condition with honesty, humor, and heart,” and they achieve that goal. This is the card I’m ordering for my mom."


@capribluecandles Volcano Candle

"These are my favorite candles, and would be a great gift for a mom, someone you know who wants to be a mom and isn’t, or someone who has played a motherly role in your life. The 8.5 oz candles are in tins so they ship easily!"

Mother’s Day bundle from @laurelandfinch and @splendidoakschocolates


"This year I’m gifting my mom a beautiful floral arrangement from a local florist paired with locally made Belgian chocolates because I especially want to support local businesses right now!"


Banner from

"I like gifting this “Mama Ministry” banner to my friends who are in the haze and hard days of new motherhood, to encourage them to see their mothering as an act of ministry and a call from the Lord."