Kindred Tea Time: Lent

 If we could sit down with you over a cup of tea (or coffee) each week, these are the tools and treasures we’d be excited to share with you. We’ll ask a question, share our answers, then invite you to join and share your own tools and treasures on a teatime break.


What resources are carrying you into Lent this year?



"I'm choosing to practice 5 mins of silence each day during Lent.
I wanted a timer that WASN'T my phone, so I found this one on Amazon and love it."



  "The Story of Easter by Aileen Fisher is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book that delves into the origins of many Easter traditions from around the world."
"I’m reading the Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead to gain a greater understanding of our nation's history of racial injustice and interrogate (and repent of) my complicity with it."

"I’ve loved Erin’s previous audio/email/PDF devotionals and am already finding this one to be a treasure."

"Seth’s latest book is my Lenten read this year. We have mutual real-life friends, I loved his first book, and the last few years have involved quite a bit of waking up to my own disordered attachments...and I want to keep down that path."

"I love Dear Mushka for the Lenten season. Their jewelry is not only beautiful but can also call to mind a chosen verse during the season as you wear the piece."


"I’m excited to use the Lenten Calendar that Little Way Chapel has produced this year. It helps families walk through Lent together."


"We were introduced to these Resurrection Eggs by our girls' first children's pastor and have enjoyed unfolding the Easter Story piece by piece with them ever since!"