Kindred Tea Time: Meal Resources

 If we could sit down with you over a cup of tea (or coffee) each week, these are the tools and treasures we’d be excited to share with you. We’ll ask a question, share our answers, then invite you to join and share your own tools and treasures on a teatime break.


What are some of your favorite meal resources?

This could be apps, cookbooks, people you follow on Instagram, and even favorite kitchen tools.


"An Everlasting Meal"

"An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler - Not just a cookbook but an entire philosophy of cooking and eating (and living) that dovetails beautifully with the rhythms I want to grow into."


The Lazy Genius Collective

"I come back to a lot of recipes and meal planning ideas from Kendra Adachi at The Lazy Genius Collective over and over again."


Group texts with my Mom, Cousins, and Aunt

"It keeps us connected despite being so far apart. Plus, cooking and eating a meal that was shared by someone I love makes the entire process more fun and special."


Crisplid for Pressure Cooker

"I am not a weekly meal plan person, so I live and swear by my instant pot which whips up meals in a fraction of the time. While the instant pot has been around for a while now, my favorite accessory for it is the Mealthy Crisplid that turns it into an air fryer/toaster oven!"


"The Supper of the Lamb"

"The Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection by Robert Farrar Capon. Written by an Episcopalian priest and filled with humor, wit, deep thoughts about God, and good recipes."


"Moosewood Restaurant Cooks At Home"

 " This cookbook is my go-to for meatless meals in our home (and we love our meat). The  6-Minute Vegan Chocolate Cake with NO eggs or dairy is seriously some kind of (literal & figurative) black magic."

Magnetic Knife Bar


"We have a knife bar similar to this one, and since we have incredibly limited counter space, this has made our kitchen much less cluttered. It also keeps your knives sharper than storing them in a knife block!"


What's Gaby Cooking

"We're big fans of Gaby in our house. Her Pulled Pork Sliders (slow cooker) and Chicken Parm Meatballs are two of our favorite recipes of ALL TIME!"

Our Savory Life

"I'm all @brimckoy meals all the time. Also highly recommend her playlists and Instastories to keep you laughing & dancing while you cook. We keep her Ground Chicken burgers and Easiest Paleo Roast recipes on repeat around here."


"More With Less"

"I've also been using my More With Less cookbook for inspiration/ideas. The rest of the title is "Suggestions By Mennonites on How to Eat Better and Consume Less of the World's Limited Food Resources." Thanks to @bethanyjoyful of for introducing me. I recommend the spiral-bound!"

Skinnytaste's "One and Done" Cookbook

"I really love @skinnytaste's Instagram account, and I especially love the way she creates healthy recipes that still taste like real food!"


"Everyday Instant Pot"

"I also have been really into my instant pot lately, and have pulled several seriously yummy recipes from this cookbook."