Kindred Tea Time: Road Trip Tips


Do you have any road trip pro tips?
Kid games, survival supplies, snacks, etc.

Game Sphere

One of the best toys for road trips I have found is Perplexus. No parts to lose, it’s not loud, and it is even more challenging in a moving car. Is it wrong if I tap the brakes when I hear my oldest say, “I am almost to the end!”

Frozen Grapes

Frozen grapes. Doesn’t sound like much, but before every road trip I wash and portion grapes, then freeze them. They act like ice in the rest of the cooler, are easy to pass out, and are good frozen or thawed, especially when you’ve been the one behind the wheel a while.

Literary City Guides


I love the city guides by @nicolegulotta of #eatthispoem and try to check there first when we’re headed out. We’ve even just chosen a random town to visit lots of times based on those guides and how much time we wanted to spend driving. My friend @rachwhatsit even wrote the one for #Waco, which is what initially introduced me.

Travel Pillow

One of my superpowers is being able to fall asleep easily and in different places, which has been a great benefit for traveling! However as I have gotten older, a good Travel Pillow like this one from @trtl has been necessary to prevent aches and pains that were never there when I was younger!

Leapfrog LeapReader

My girls thoroughly enjoy their @leapfrogofficial LeapReader - they have one each. My oldest who is prone to motion sickness listens to her choice of saved audiobooks, and my younger one happily follows along with the physical book that includes games too.


After 6 years of living ½-way across the country from my family, I consider road-tripping to be one of my special skills. Pinching pennies is important to us, so we stock up this Coleman 54-quart Cooler with beverages, ice, snacks, and sometimes even meals to save $$$ on the road.

Book of Questions

A parent friend recommended this book of 4,000 Questions for Getting to Know Anyone and Everyone” by @barbaraannkipfer; she used it while on a road trip with her 5-person family. I had my doubts, but I bought it and ended up turning to some of these questions when on a trip to Colorado with my students. One talk led to another and we had some incredibly meaningful conversations that helped pass the time!



Podcasts that are fun for both kids and adults make the miles fly by. Our whole family geeks out over Wow in the World by Tinkercast and NPR. It’s equal parts science and story with lovable characters and amazing information. Silly, gross, inspiring, and enlightening by turns. 

Sacred Ordinary Days Playlists


Long before I ever joined Team SOD these liturgical season playlists were my road trip companions. I just put on whichever one corresponds to the current season and let my heart fill up with beautiful music and beautiful ideas.

Travel Activity Tray

For little ones still in a car seat, this DMoose Travel Lap Activity Tray for Kids that straps around one is a life-saver that allows them to play more easily with their toys, color, and have snacks without making a giant mess everywhere and dropping everything.

Sleep Sheep Travel Sound Machine

Making sure naps still happen when we’re road-tripping is critical for everyone’s happiness, and we’ve relied heavily on the Sleep Sheep Travel Sound Machine.