Kindred Tea Time: Routines & Rituals


What routines and rituals anchor your days?

Reading with My Daughter

Most afternoons when I’m done with work, my daughter and I spend some time snuggled up reading books in her tent.

I just found these star string lights that I’ll hang up in there to make it extra cozy and magical.

Enjoying Beverages


I love filling up the tea kettle each night as my last act before bed so that it’s ready for me to flip on in the morning. And, then, of course, I love flipping it on first thing every morning for my first cup of tea as I enjoy some solitude before our house starts humming. This milk frother has been a game-changer for when I want a latte or our boys sneak in and want to join me on the couch with hot chocolate to get the silence, at least, to linger a bit longer while we sip.


Laundry Routine

Not a sexy answer, but I’m so grateful to have found something that works for me & all my men. In the mornings I put a new load of laundry in the washer and I fluff & fold a load that dried overnight, putting it away once everyone else wakes up. At lunch or after dinner I switch it to the drier and put another load in the washer. Before bedtime, I switch that load to the dryer so it’s waiting for me to fluff and fold in the morning. Having identical, interchangeable laundry baskets for my whole household and a rhythm for daily laundry for 5 that keeps things running is one of the most @lazygenius things I do.

Waking Up With Coffee

My coffee of choice to wake up with is one from my trusty Nespresso machine - quality coffee at the convenient push of a button, paired with some frothy steamed milk.


Nightly Examens With My Girls

The practice of the examen started for me while I was in theological school, with my housemates over our weekly meal together. Now I am introducing and carrying on this practice with my girls in the form of short, simple nightly examens before bedtime as a way of connecting with each other by being attentive to where God is moving and what is going on in their outer and inner lives. “Sleeping With Bread” presents the examen in a format that is easily accessible to anyone - kids and adults alike.


My Morning Cup of Coffee

Morning cup-o-joe is something I look forward to every single day. These mugs from @yeti are my go-to because they keep my coffee warm (or cold - it’s Texas, y’all) if I get distracted!



Listening to podcasts while I unload the dishwasher and tidy the kitchen in the evenings is something I look forward to every day. The history lover in me enjoys the pod @nobleblood, and having an @amazon echo in our kitchen makes pausing, adjusting volume, and hands free listening seamless.

A Cup of Tea + The Porch Swing

I’m the first one up in my household. I like to start my day with the sway of the swing and a view of our backyard. My body doesn't love caffeine these days, so I stick to herbals and naturally decaffeinated versions of my old favorites.
Currently sipping: Earl Grey Rooibos from David’s Tea


Mid-Day Reading Break

I try to carve a little time out of my lunch break each day to lose myself in a good book. Even just 15 minutes restores my attention span and revives any flagging energy.
Currently reading: Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner