Kindred Tea Time: Self-Care

 If we could sit down with you over a cup of tea (or coffee) each week, these are the tools and treasures we’d be excited to share with you. We’ll ask a question, share our answers, then invite you to join and share your own tools and treasures on a teatime break.


How and in what ways are you practicing self-care during pandemic-tide?

@enohammocks Lightweight Camping Hammock

"We’ve been spending lots of time on our back porch, and it’s renewed my family’s love of the hammock. Eno has been a longtime fav brand for its durability, lightweight material, and easy storage. Time outside (before it gets sweltering here in TX) has been transformative for my soul."


"May It Be So: Forty Days with the Lord’s Prayer"
by @justinmcroberts and @scottthepainter

"I purchased this book mid-quarantine, and it has been a life-giving practice to sit down each day (even if just for a few minutes) to pray and reflect. The illustrations that pair with each daily prayer are spectacular. This is a book I’ll return to long after I finish the forty days of prayer that it offers."

@columbia1938 Arcadia II Waterproof Breathable Jacket with Packable Hood

"Getting out of the house for a long walk is a must, rain or shine (and it rains a LOT in my neck of the woods). This jacket allows me to get a daily dose of the outdoors without getting soaked. It’s lightweight enough to wear even through the spring and summer."


@amazonkindle Kindle Paperwhite

"Reading is my lifeline. I start each day with the lectionary and non-fiction or poetry and end with a good novel. When my trusty old Kindle died last week I upgraded to the latest model, which is waterproof with extra storage." 

Hair Scalp Massager

"Nothing is as relaxing as a nice hot shower, and I’ve recently made this wonderful addition to apply shampoo, which feels like having your scalp massaged at the hair salon, something I’m deeply missing."


@current_catalog Blossom Greeting Card Organizer

"One of the things that’s been making my life so much happier lately is getting organized. I’ve overhauled my home office in the season of WFH, and one of my favorite organizational purchases was this adorable greeting card organizer, which both corrals all my cards and looks so cute on my shelf."

Computer Parts

"Enjoying my new computer that I built a few weeks ago. Here are all the parts in the build: I love the ultrawide 3440x1440 screen and the NZXT clear case, and they are beautiful together."


Seveneves by @NealStephenson

"When I can find some quiet alone time, I have been enjoying Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. It’s a long, hard science fiction about the destruction of Earth and the survival of the human species for the next 5000 years. You know, just some light reading during this season..."

@FreeflyApparel Cropped Breeze Pants for gardening

"I’m building a blue Monty-Don-inspired gardening wardrobe and just ordered these pants that I cannot wait to get in.
I needed some pants & shorts that wouldn’t snag or rip and would resist mud stains. I just ordered these and their Utility Shorts."


@Sloggers Gardening Hat

"I realized I needed a wide-brimmed hat that would actually stay on my head in a breeze. I’m loving building a mini-wardrobe for each of my most favorite roles. 2-4 items that clarify what job I’m focusing on just by looking at me... including gardener."


@Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

"Having no access to my chiropractor or massage therapist during this time, this nifty massager was the closest thing I could find online to get those knots and tension spots out!"


@letsgomakeart Art Box

 "I am no art pro, but thought this would be a good time to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. This art box is beautiful, comes with everything you need, and I am hoping to use the final product from the lettering box to send cheer to friends."