Meet Ali Chappell DeHay, Marketing Assistant

We were absolutely thrilled to have Ali Chappell DeHay join the Sacred Ordinary Days team in October 2019 as our Marketing Assistant. Ali is the one responding to your comments and DMs on Facebook and Instagram, and one of the people striving to post meaningful (and hopefully fun) content throughout the week. She's been a follower and fan since the Kickstarter, which makes working with Jenn and SOD now even more exciting for her. Ali holds an MDiv and serves as a youth minister. She's also an excellent preacher, which Jenn got to witness firsthand.


Fun Facts About Ali:

🏡 Hometown: Raleigh, NC

🎄Favorite Christmas Song: "Merry Christmas Darling" by The Carpenters OR “Last Christmas" by WHAM! [sometimes you can't pick just one]

☕️Coffee or Tea: COFFEE!

Hidden Talent: Picking up random objects with my toes

📽Favorite Movie: You've Got Mail

✈️Unpopular Opinion: I LOVE airports!

To welcome Ali (and see all her thoughtful, beautiful posts), head on over to Facebook or Instagram. And make sure to introduce yourself while you're at it?