Meet Brooke Cherry Reich, Director of Story & Strategy

Brooke Cherry Reich joined the Sacred Ordinary Days team in September after she and Jenn spent almost a decade scheming, dreaming, and praying about a way to work together. Man of you have already met Brooke, but we're going to tell you a little bit more about her.

Brooke is a storyteller, strategist, and asker of all the questions. She's also a recovering know-it-all and an unrepentant bookworm. While Brooke is more comfortable behind the scenes, she’s a gifted leader if you can get her out front. Her specialty is drawing out, shaping, and retelling the stories of others, and helping point to the work of God within those stories. Brooke is a native Texan and Baylor grad who will always consider Waco, TX her home. When she’s not telling stories, she’s consuming them, either through movies and tv or the copious reading of stacks (and stacks!) of books. These days she can also be found tromping along with her binocular-clad, bird-watching husband and daughter through the woods in northeastern North Carolina, where they currently reside.

Brooke says, "Jenn has been one of my dearest friends for almost a decade. We've seen each other through joy and grief, babies (and all the bodily fluids that go with them), moves across town, and moves across the country. I was one of the very first users of the planner and it's been my faithful companion ever since. Working with Jenn and SOD has been a dream and a hope and a wish and a someday for me for a very long time and I still can't believe it's my real life and not some fairy tale (though I am partial to a good fairy tale)."

Fun Facts About Brooke:

🏡Hometown: grew up in Weslaco, TX; currently living in Murfreesboro, NC; will always consider Waco as home

🎄Favorite Christmas Song: O Come O Come Emmanuel

🍵Coffee or Tea: Giving up coffee is one of those things I swore I would never ever do, but now I am firmly Team Tea.

🐮Hidden Talent: I'm a grand champion goat showman and experienced cattle rustler.

🎥Favorite Movie: I'm more into TV series these days. Friday Night Lights is my all-time fave. Battlestar Galactica is a close second. Oh, and Call the Midwife is my happy place.

Unpopular Opinion: I LOVE my gray hair. After two decades without seeing my natural color (or lack thereof), I spent the last two years letting it all grow in and I'm never going back!

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