Rachel's Sacred Ordinary Days Planner Story

“The higher goal of spiritual living is not to amass a wealth of information, but to face sacred moments.”
Abraham Joshua Heschel

As a mother of two young (and exuberant) girls, being far from extended family, juggling home-keeping and part-time work, it can seem like time is not my own most days. That isn’t true of course, but the temptation to feel defeated by the needs that are constantly pressing in is real.

Prior to using my Sacred Ordinary Days planner, I honestly struggled to dedicate a chunk of time each day meeting with God. It is so easy to default to being tired and weary. My planner has not only enabled me to sustainably build in “sacred moments” throughout my day, but also taught me the value of scheduling in daily rest and rewards, just like any other priority.

While I use a digital calendar to record and share my daily appointments and activities, I use my planner to start my day off with the Daily Office - scribbling down a verse that spoke to me or a word from God. I then use the spaces below for my home and work to-do lists, meal plans, or notes that I wouldn’t include in my digital calendar. As I constantly revisit these items throughout the day, I feel drawn to the invitation to dwell on the presence and promises of God revealed to me that day.

As accomplished as I expect to feel after completing my priorities and “to-do” lists, it also surprised me that the converse was true. I realized because of “how hard I have worked”, I had been looking for affirmation from others or an outward demonstration of appreciation (like an unsolicited shoulder massage from my husband). When those expectations do not materialize, I am robbed of the joy and delight of good work done. The “Rest or Reward” column in the planner changed that. These “mini daily Sabbaths” help refill my cup and remind me that I am worthy of rest. They help me take charge of my own rewards and practice of self-care. I am especially excited about the inclusion of the “Rest | Reward Bank” in our new Academic Planners. Filling this up makes me feel as gleeful as planning for a vacation!

The Sacred Ordinary Days planner has truly been a gift and tool for me to redeem my finite minutes into sacred moments - into sacred, ordinary days.


Rachel Yeo Burtt joined the Sacred Ordinary Days team as our Executive Assistant in October 2019. Rachel manages the Sacred Ordinary Days inbox, inventory in the shop, and so many other daily details. Rachel holds an MA in Theological Studies from Regent College in Vancouver, Canada and says spiritual formation has been revolutionary in her journey and rooted her through many transitions. Rachel grew up in Singapore (of Crazy Rich Asians fame), which has spoiled her palette with all kinds of delicious food. When not hunting down hole-in-the-walls, Rachel can be found biking, camping, and looking for different ways to be outdoors with her husband and 2 exuberant girls.