Sacred Ordinary Days planner walk-through, explanation & demonstration

Part of our stewardship in handing you these tools is to help you understand how to best use them. We want to make sure you're able to get the most out of your planner. This may look different for different people. There are many elements in our planner, which we created to work together. As you begin using yours, feel free start with one element and then move on to others, as you find you're ready. Please don't feel pressure to do/use the parts of it that just aren't working for you or that you're not ready to integrate yet. No reason to get overwhelmed. They'll come (or they won't) and that's great. But, if you're ready to dive in, we're sharing a video walking through the full planner. You can see the timestamps for the content in the video below. 

This video was originally posted on Youtube and shared with the Sacred Ordinary Days tribe in September of 2015, right at the beginning of our launch on Kickstarter.  We've re-uploaded it to our new Sacred Ordinary Days Youtube channel and are sharing it with the many, many of you who weren't around in September to see it. 

As you've been downloading the Essentials Workbook, trying out sample PDFs of the planner, and getting your Sacred Ordinary Days planners in the mail, we thought this would be helpful for you. 


INTRO (until 2:40)
Beginning – 1:20 Introduction & About Jenn Giles Kemper
1:20-1:52 Get sample by visiting
Pre-order at

ELEMENTS (about 2:40-7:25)
2:41-4:49 Elements of Sacred Ordinary Days
- Dimensions of book (8.5inx7.5in)
- Smyth sewn binding and why we chose it
4:50-5:30 Join our Facebook Group
- Who is in our group and a great place for more information, questions, and connections

PLANNER WALK THROUGH (about 5:31-10:10)
5:31-7:23 Cover
- Cover details (copy/text has now changed)
- Lectionary/Daily Office
- About Lectionary
- Jenn’s personal application
- Jenn’s church application
7:24-8:24 Open Book/First pages
- Liturgical Wheel Calendar for reference
- Letter from Jenn
8:25-8:51 Artwork
- by Hayley Johnson
- Wreaths and representation
8:52-10:10 Inside real book
- Resources in beginning of book
- References, creating a rule of life, why, ideas on where to start

DAILY PAGES (about 10:10-15:25)
10:11-13:51 Introduction
- Details about daily pages
- How Jenn uses them
- Common prayer reference
- Sample
11:58-13:51 Daily Office
- About the cycle
- Currently in year 1 but printed edition will begin in year 2
- 2 year cycle details
- Will connect users with Christians throughout history
13:52-15:24 3 Projects
- 3/day week days and Saturdays
- Que, rest & reward
- Thinking on that and research

CUE, REST & REWARD (about 15:20-28:25)
15:24-19:40 Cue
- About cue
- Sample
19:41-24:38 Rest & Reward
- Gretchen Rubin influence
- Jenn’s sample
- Drain & fill
- Julie’s thoughts on Drain & Fill
- Review
24:39-27:54 Blank Lines
- How you can use blank line space
- Created simple, clear, beautifully and flexible to cater to any user
- Bottom part for journaling
- How Jenn uses this part
27:55-28:22 End of Week
- Saturday page and end of week explanation

WEEKLY PLAN (about 28:20-43:35)
28:23-30:52 Weekly Plan Layout
- Quote at the top
- Weekly lectionary explained
- This week’s sample reading
- Explanation
30:53-31:19 Reflect & Reset
- Explanation of the purpose for this
- Categories (spirit, body, mind, relationships, home, work)
31:20-41:46 Reflect
- Reflect explanation
- Check in with 6 areas, explanation and examples
Mind, Body, Spirit, Relationships, Home, and Work
41:47-43:32 Sunday
- Page layout
- How to use space
- Quote
- Sunday and weekly plan always lay together

REVIEW (about 43:30-end)
43:33-end Ending remarks
- Jenn recaps video
- Jenn says prayer