Setting our Sights on Advent

Like you have maybe seen on our recent Instagram Lives, I’ve been chatting with our podcast producer, Kayla (who is also the heart behind one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @liturgiesforparents). As we’re preparing to launch an all-new Sacred Ordinary Days podcast, here’s a peek behind the scenes.

Jenn + Kayla share a preview of what to expect with the launch of the new Sacred Ordinary Days podcast!


Whether you’ve been a kindred in our community since the beginning or have just recently joined us, know that I consider myself a student right alongside you. I loved doing the podcast right when Sacred Ordinary Days launched in 2015, but (obviously) much has changed since then. We’ve grown a lot over the years, which is why I want to use the podcast to connect with you in a new way. Plus, through this experience I am learning how to be a better speaker, listener, and interviewer, which I am grateful for!


When we started thinking about restarting the podcast, I knew I wanted the format to feel fresh and for the questions to be thought provoking. Maybe it’s the enneagram 8 in me, but I’ve always loved talking about vocation, discernment, home life, and the way these things unfold for us. Our episodes feature rich conversation with inspiring individuals and helpful sidebars to unpack the concepts further.


Over the course of this year, I have missed sitting at the table and having intentional, life-giving dialogue with kindreds and colleagues alike. And, it just feels right to launch this podcast during the Advent season. Advent marks the start of the church year and is a time for new beginnings. Why not now? Plus, we have some fantastic guests coming up who have created Advent-specific resources. I can’t wait for you to hear their individual perspectives as we enter this liturgical season.

Kindred, I am so excited to share this renewed space together. May it be a respite for you amid the noise. Our first episode, featuring Scott Erickson, drops soon. Follow along on Instagram to know the moment it’s live. In the meantime, I hope your Thanksgiving is happy, safe and delicious.

Alongside you,