Some things I've been wanting to tell you...

First, I have a question as I sit here surrounded by books and book catalogs I've reviewing and considering for our shop. 

Whose good work do you wish we knew about and supported, including yours? Is there a book, music, or a product you'd love to see us carry or create? PLEASE hit reply and tell me. 

I've been surprised and delighted by your responses as we've added so many new (to us) products to our shop. Our hope is to become one of your trusted sources for tools and resources that help you live a full, deep, sustainable, and sustaining life of faith throughout transitions and season changes.

As we busily restock your favorites, we're also keeping our eyes (and hearts) open for new additions we think you'll love. We'll add several more to our shop in the coming weeks and months while we also navigate the creation of many new tools to share with you (which all take a super long time to refine & create).

Does everything feel like it's taking a long time for you, too, lately?

One way I tell time is, of course,  with the changing of liturgical seasons. When I was a student, my life lined up in semesters. Now that I'm a business owner,  quarters are the all-important markers. As a gardener and mama of little boys, the natural seasons happily impact how I spend my days, too. 

Each of those gives me different signals as to what time it is & why it matters. But, I'm missing a lot of my usual sign-posts and external markers of time right now. (What day is it, anyway?) So, today I'm pausing to take stock and share a bit from the behind-the-scenes (and literally behind-the-books).

You haven't seen me on social media lately because I've consciously chosen to do my leading and teaching primarily here in email for you and with our team otherwise, so that they can collectively pour into you more than I ever could alone. In turn, I've received so much fresh water myself from their deep wells.  And, I've been able to be present to myself, my little boys, my home, my Grant, and our larger families in some fun ways. (I helped remove a brick wall! I'm finally getting the design for our garden and outdoor spaces figured out! I got water shoes for all the water and mud that are now in my life!)

We sent the 2020 Liturgical Daily Planner to print earlier than ever and still hit a snag, so I was DETERMINED to do whatever it took to get our timelines moved WAY out so that we can print planners 6-9 months in advance. I'm proud to say we're on track! Our 2020-2021 Academic Daily Planner is being bound now. We'll have an official date for their launch soon! It will be in May & they'll ship immediately. 

The shelter-in-place order hit the US the same week (almost the same day) that we originally planned to send those to print. While it was scary finding out if we'd still be able to move forward wisely or at all, I'm grateful we were able to secure the necessary materials and our production and fulfillment partners are eager and grateful to be working (just like us).

In fact, we'll send our 2021 Liturgical Daily and WEEKLY Planners to print in the next few weeks so that we leave nothing to chance.  And, because of those big WINS for our little business, we've been able to yes to exploring a potential dream collaboration and have started preparing to re-open Kindred House, the newest iteration of our online community and we'll be inviting you to join us soon.

I'm incredibly proud of our team, our partners, our refreshed online home, and these planners.

And we also, as always, want to hear from you. Don't forget to tell us what else you'd like to see when you visit our shop. Whose work do you wish we knew about and supported? Is there a book, music, or a product you'd love to see us carry or create? You can hit reply to answer via email or find us on Instagram or Facebook.

Alongside you,

P. S. We've been overwhelmed by the positive response to last week's Mothering Day Gift Guide. Thank you! In case you're still shopping for that perfect gift, we added some more recommendations in yesterday's #kindredteatime post.

Oh, and we have just a few of our 2020 Liturgical Daily Planners left at just $20. There are 14 Deep Sea Blue, 49 Earl Grey, and 20 Glowing Ember Red looking for a good home. There are 7 months of Sacred Ordinary Days left in them. :)