The First Monday of Advent (not a typo)

In true 2020 fashion, the first Sunday of Advent did not go as planned for my family. We usually light our Advent candles during breakfast, intentionally creating a calm moment amid the fullness of our life; however, this past Sunday… no candle was lit. No reading was shared. No moment of calm was had. The boys were too chatty, too wiggly, too hard to wrangle. I was left feeling out of sorts, wondering if chaos had won.

I thought about how Advent and Christmas look different for all of us this year. What if my failed attempt to start Advent off “right” was just a small, albeit significant, lesson in resilience? I decided to regroup and try again the next morning.

With each day comes a new beginning and a second chance. My perseverance paid off. On Monday, our family gathered around the table and lit the first candle of Advent. I was reminded that nothing—not even chaos, disappointment, and unmet expectations—can stop Christ from coming. Jesus comes in the mess and it is up to us to welcome Him to the table. We keep lighting the candle of hope each morning and it is never too late.

Sacred Ordinary Days Podcast with Jenn Giles Kemper, trailer

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And while we settle into this season of waiting, I hope you’ll be able to see Jesus in the messy moments and find small ways to practice your faith. Even if that means lighting your Advent candle on a Monday instead of a Sunday.

Alongside you,