[Unedited] Scott Erickson with Jenn Giles Kemper

Listen to the unedited conversation between Scott Erickson and Jenn Giles Kemper, available now! On Thursdays following a newly-released interview episode, we’re releasing the long-form conversation. We hope it feels like you are sitting in a chair at the table with us.


As we were producing our episode of Sacred Ordinary Days with Jenn Giles Kemper with Scott, we realized something: There’s SO much that falls on the cutting room floor. As you’ll hear in this conversation with Scott, he and Jenn both dove much deeper into the exact places where vulnerability touches vocation, creativity, family life, and spiritual leadership.

You’ll hear more of his fun, funny, provocative nature come out -- including when Jenn accidentally prompted him to tell a vasectomy story. They talk about their families by name, prayer lives, evolving work as spiritual directors, the enneagram, making art, embarrassing moments, and how leaders (especially those in the Church) need to be living out what they’re teaching in private, personal ways...or as Scott succinctly says “smoking what you’re selling.”

For the shorter, produced version with narration from Jenn: Listen to On Vulnerability: Prayer, Art, and Parenthood with Scott Erickson. In that episode, we pull the treads of what it is to embrace vulnerability, and Jenn offers a prayer and a reflection question, too.

About the guest: Scott Erickson is a featured author in the Sacred Ordinary Days spiritual formation book shop, and his quirky, thoughtful words and art on prayer have been a favorite for our team and customers this year. (We’re thrilled to have added Scott’s newly released book, Honest Advent, to the shop, too.)