WE’RE MOVING! (a letter from our founder)


Our community has outgrown its home online, but we think you’ll like our new one.

Are you familiar with our online community that's been growing over on Facebook? What started out as a small group of faithful cheerleaders rooting for the production of the first ever SOD planner (almost two years ago) has grown into a group of over 3,800 people having daily conversations about their own sacred, ordinary days. The conversations and connections inside that space have encouraged and challenged me. However, as the size of our group has grown over time, we have found it more difficult to connect and respond.


We believe that we are called to faithfully steward what God has endowed to us. Right now that includes a handful of products and resources, 3,800 members in the Facebook group, and anyone who wants to get our email newsletters. We want to do our best with the work that God has graced us with. We want to serve our people well; we want to foster growth and relationships; we want to provide more resources to more people; we want to help followers of Christ carry out their own work in the world.

While trying to determine what kind of space we wanted to create, I kept imagining an image of a simple house with many rooms. I described it to Hayley and she started sketching.  Then, as as a team we took a step back and reimagined what our online community might look like--how we might better serve a community that is hungry for connection. What do you think of these?

We want an easier way to connect with folks who are geographically near-by, no matter where in the world you are.

We want to be able to offer classes and cohorts around a shared season of life, vocational expression, or spiritual practice.

We want to be able to offer individual and group spiritual direction.

We want more voices to help shape, lead, and guide the community. 

We want more people listening, noticing, tending to the needs and desires expressed by the community (directly and indirectly).


The new online community for Sacred Ordinary Days will be called Common House. Common House is a place of hospitality and generosity, a safe place where individuals can grow with the intention of becoming more like Christ (and walk alongside others through that process as well). You might imagine Common House as a refurbished old church nestled in a small neighborhood. It's been remodeled and turned into a home that is clean, yet cozy, full of antique furniture, stained glass windows, modern accents, and indoor plants--it embodies the blending of old and new. There will be different "rooms" inside our house that foster communication and connection around different topics. We're starting out with an entryway, bulletin board, living room, library, office, and prayer room, and most likely will add more "rooms" as we see fit. You will be able to learn more about each room at our housewarming party.


We are hosting a week-long housewarming party that starts on February 22nd.  Each day of the week, we will walk you through a different room in the house, introduce our team of hosts, and help you get acquainted. 


Join our newsletter list and keep an eye on your inbox! We'll be sending you a few more emails in between now and when the doors open on Wednesday, February 22nd so that we can give you alllll the details.

We'll share how to join, who is helping lead us in this new season, and our Common House rule of life very soon.

I can't wait to welcome you inside.