Common House

Common House is the ecumenical online community
created for Christians to walk alongside and encourage
one another in intentional spiritual formation.
We know that the transformation of individuals and the world happens through shared practices, cultivation of relationships, and continued learning in supportive community. Anyone who values spiritual formation and is open to learning and growing with others is welcome here.

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We are pleased to be able to offer your first month at Common House absolutely free. Inside Common House, you can expect to find:
A valuable community experience with rich leadership.
The Sacred Ordinary Days group started as a free group within the Facebook platform. Jenn Giles Kemper joyfully hosted that group for almost 2 full years now for free and loved it dearly. During that time, the Facebook group grew exponentially and watching that was one of our greatest joys as a company. However, with that growth, Jenn is not able to offer (by herself) the kind of crafting and caring for everyone that a group like that needs to remain valuable. If it loses value, what's the point?
To help in the hosting and pastoral care for our community, we are delighted to add two paid spiritual directors to our Sacred Ordinary Days team. We value their time, energy, expertise, education, and experience and one way we demonstrate that is by paying them. In addition to those paid positions, there are also 6 additional volunteer spiritual directors joining to help host and shepherd this group. I'm proud to be able to offer such amazing care of our community thanks to them and proud to invite our community into greater shared ownership of the space.
The opportunity to connect with new friends near and far.
A valuable element of any online community is the ability for members to meet people they otherwise would never have the opportunity to connect with. Beyond this, you can easily find other members who live geographically close to you as well. Our prayer is that Common House would serve you by facilitating these types of relationships.
A sense of communal ownership of the group.
Sacred Ordinary Days created this group, but we offer it up to you for your use. We hope to faithfully steward and host this space, but that your membership comes with a sense of personal ownership. Each member’s presence in this community is highly valuable. We want more people listening, noticing, and tending to the needs and desires that are expressed by the community, both directly and indirectly.
Deeper connection around similar interests.
Luckily, we'll be able to offer more free, valuable content in our newsletter, podcast, and social media channels that ever before thanks to more hands-on-deck in this community. Common House will offer a platform to connect over these free resources. In addition to sharing resources, questions, and prayer requests, Common House will offer the opportunity to participate in classes and cohorts. These classes could focus on a shared season of life, a particular vocational calling, a specific spiritual practice, or other Sacred Ordinary Days products.
Common House is hosted on a platform called Mighty Networks. Like any robust web platform, there might be a learning curve as you become comfortable with navigating through Mighty Networks. We are grateful that the team at Mighty Networks is committed to helping our community flourish.