Common House is the ecumenical online community we’ve created for Christians to walk alongside and encourage one another in intentional spiritual formation. We know that the transformation of individuals and the world happens through shared practices, cultivation of relationships, and continued learning in supportive community. Anyone who values spiritual formation and is open to learning and growing with others is welcome here.

Common House is hosted on an amazing platform called Mightybell. Like any robust web platform, there will be a slight learning curve in becoming comfortable with navigating through Mightybell. The Common House hosts are also learning how to best welcome, train, and support you. We are grateful that the team at Mightybell has created something worth the slight learning curve and is committed to helping our community flourish. 

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We are pleased to be able to offer your first month at Common House absolutely free. We are convinced that a month in our community will give us time to prove to you just how amazing Common House can be and that once your first 30 days are up you will be just as convinced that contributing your $7 per month is a totally worthwhile and vital contribution to the general upkeep of Common House. We hope you will want to stay with us and continue connecting with all the wonderful people we are sharing life with in Common House.

And don’t forget–while our private and confidential community is moving from the closed Facebook group model to the Mightybell platform–all our currently free content will stay absolutely free! That includes our ever-expanding resource pages, our podcast (season 2 coming soon!), our Spotify playlists, sharing on Instagram and our Facebook page, our curated Pinterest boards, and our email newsletters. Plus, we’ll be able to offer more and better content everywhere thanks to having more hands on deck! It’s good for everyone.