Cease + Feast

The great scandal of sabbath lies in its call to cease when our culture says, “Strive!” and to feast when our world says, “There will never be enough.” On the sabbath we rest even from our good works, trusting in God’s abundance and provision. Because this posture is fundamentally countercultural, it can be helpful to practice the postures of sabbath (ceasing and feasting) through your regular rhythms.

We encourage you to keep a running list of ways you can cease—not only from toil, but from good works that nevertheless focus our attention on outcomes and achievements—and feast—enjoying God’s abundance through sleep, time in nature, fellowship, corporate worship, and other delights. 

As you try out the ideas, notice which items truly restore you and bring you joy.

Jenn Giles Kemper 

Below, you'll find an ever-growing list of ideas to get you started on this practice. The list has been—and will continue to be—curated by our community of kindreds. Share your own suggestions for this idea bank in the Sacred Ordinary Days Facebook group to have them added here. 


Cease Ideas

Step outside and look around

Do nothing for 2 minutes 

Take a leisurely walk

Sit on your porch for a few minutes

Play with your pets

Watch the sunset

Take a bath

Take a nap

Ponder a Scripture verse

Gaze at an icon

Do a 2-minute meditation using a mindfulness app

Walk a labyrinth

Light a candle

Sit by the water


Go to a yoga class

Take a hot shower

Go for a hike

Get a massage

Play the piano

Read a psalm

Pick some flowers

Spend time just breathing

Feast Ideas

Get coffee with a friend 

Drink a cup of tea in your favorite teacup

Read a magazine

Read a chapter in a book

Watch an episode of a TV show

Listen to a podcast episode

Listen to a favorite album or song

Take yourself to the movies

Enjoy a piece of chocolate

Spend time writing

Schedule a craft day with a friend

Take a trip through the Starbucks drive-thru

Spend time scrapbooking

Enjoy a meal at a restaurant

Browse a bookstore

Plan a weekend outing

Visit the library

Have a dance party

Make brownies

Tidy your work space



Color in an adult coloring book

Complete a crossword puzzle

Get a pedicure

Browse a favorite store

Read a poem

Write a poem

Call a friend

Purchase new art supplies

Visit a museum

Go for a picnic

Enjoy a day at the beach

Take a long drive

Write a letter to a friend

Play a game

Go for a run

Brainstorm a fun project idea