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Love this planner

After getting over my initial disappointment in not having a lovely cloth bound planner, I figured out how to print this at home, and I'm so grateful and thrilled to be able to use my favorite planner ever.

Tips for anyone trying to print this at home: Definitely do several test prints of a few pages each. I ended up using fit to printable area with borders so that I would have room for my combinding. I also just printed out about a third of the year, and will print more when I need to. I ended up just using my regular paper, cardstock, combs, and plastic covers that I already owned. This made the whole thing very inexpensive, especially since I have an Eco tank printer and already owned a comb binder and the accessories. If you don't own these things, you might check with a homeschooling mom friend since lots of homeschoolers own this kind of equipment.

I am truly thrilled with the way this turned out, while simultaneously already looking forward to next year's gorgeously bound already printed version. I am so thankful to be able to use this wonderful, restful, purposeful planner again this year.

Absolutely worth it!

I was part of the inaugural cohort for this course, and it was absolutely worth it. I know the team has worked hard to improve the course since then, but it was deeply impactful even that first time. Although I had previously developed a rule of life before taking this course, my own version was too rigid and fueled by guilt. By comparison, this course was a breath of fresh air that gave me the freedom and tools to explore options that would enable me to craft spiritual habits that are both effective for me and flexible enough to adapt with the shifting seasons in life. The course materials were outstanding, which were supported and further expanded by the teaching. The best part was absolutely the cohort model as we journeyed alongside others, encouraging one another and growing together. A person could develop a rule of life on their own, but this is a far more effective method and well worth the investment. Highly recommended!


I have been using Sacred Ordinary Days planners since the second year, and they have been transformative in helping me recognize patterns, habits, the sound of my inner voice, etc. I love that the sabbath quotes have continually challenged me to build better boundaries and to prioritize God’s will in my daily life. It can be so hard to find a Christian journal that is not just cheesy platitudes or conservative translations of Scripture verses. Instead, SOD has challenged me to integrate mind, heart, body, and spirit and has been so valuable in my life and work.

New format looks great

I *just* received this years SOD weekly planner (minutes ago) and even after leafing through, I'm already so excited to use it! I am thrilled about the soft cover, flat open, spiral bound pages (one of my only quibbles with the hardback, bound planners). Since I take this planner on the go, it makes it that much more portable and usable in different spaces. I was really pleased with the new format for the Sabbath spread, with more open space for journaling in the "rest and reflect" section. As always, the reminders in the front about using examen pages and a rule of life are lovely. I'm planning on incorporating these and more resources to write my first rule of life this year. The only thing I was bummed about changing was that the weekly spreads do not have a prayer, quote, or scripture passage. Since the weekly spread is where I spend most of my time in the week, it was always nice to have something there in the past to bring me back to center on God. Thank you, Sacred Ordinary Days team, for adjusting to the crazy times we live in to still provide this wonderful resource.

Yearly Examen Guided Retreats
Katherine Duck (Chapel Hill, US)
Space to breathe and reflect

The April 1, 2022 Yearly Examen retreat was challenging and welcoming and Jenn helped our group hold the door wide open for both of these experiences. Looking back at the past year with both loving and critical eyes is a helpful way to swim through the sometimes murky waters of your life and emerge bathed in sunlight ready to begin again, which we have to do over and over during our lifetime. The Examen helped me see, in concrete ways, how I would like to keep some thoughts, attitudes and practices and lovingly lay to rest other aspects of my behavior and my Christian practice. Diving into the crystal water of a new practice is challenging because I don't know where it will take me, but using the Examen I was able to see the pathway to newness a little more clearly. I highly recommend this excellent retreat if you're looking for clarity, authenticity, and depth.

Yearly Examen Guided Retreats
Diane Gregory (Florissant, US)
A Place to Pause

At the end of the April Yearly Examen Guided Retreat, I felt challenged and refreshed. Jenn is able to facilitate a groups of strangers in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and hearts to the other participants and to God. I was able to hear some things that God had been saying and I hadn't been listening well. It was a safe space to be vulnerable. It was also a place of curiosity and wonder. I wholeheartedly recommend it!


I joined when this was still 8 weeks but the experience was amazing. This course is all about gentle attention, both internally and also from our guides. The content is rich and stimulating and the appendices were some of my favorite parts.