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Integral to my life

I adore this planner. I've used it every year since the first kickstarter, minus a few months when I tried to go without and just couldn't. It is integral to my life, and I know things are out-of-whack when a few blank pages go by, or I miss a weekly examen. I use the daily page for my examen practice, mapping moments of consolation and desolation. I also track questions and requests and prayers. What do I need? What am I grateful for? I also bring it with me into my spiritual direction, and it's so helpful in reviewing the month. The daily office readings are an added bonus, so I don't have to toggle back and forth with another resource. Just the planner and my Bible and a meditation cushion for centering prayer. It's been a constant companion in my spiritual life.

Wonderful resource

This planner was a wonderful opportunity to take time to mediate on Scripture and think through my whole person experience of the day. I loved everything; the only thing I would wish for would be for something more specific in the "priorities" section every day. Something that matches the examen - what are my bodily priorities, my emotional priorities,my work priorities, etc.?

My Planner Journey

I'm love planners, but I don't use them well. Like the person that buys exercise equipment to get fit, then isn't committed to using it! The SOD planner has given my many opportunities to grow spiritually in addition to finding and creating order in my week. I'm still learning. There are so many things my planner does, and number one: it is teaching and leading me the practice of being in the real presence of God more. Thank you SOD!

It's the best

My daily planner keeps my spiritual life and my "other" life organized. The wonderful thing is that the more I use it, the more my "other" life becomes embedded in my spiritual life. As I get to the end of the year, my planner grows fat with quotes, poems, pictures and music that I paste in. I sketch, paint and do whatever the Spirit leads me to do in the blank spaces. I haven't developed the introspection practice on Sundays with much success, but I'll get there! The only changes I would enjoy would be having a larger blank space on each page and have some of the spaces vertical instead of horizontal. Also would like a few more blank pages, since I paste in my passwords, health issues, family phone numbers and addresses, garden plans and more! I think this is my fourth year and I'm looking forward to year #5.

Yearly Examen Guided Retreats
Katherine Duck (Chapel Hill, US)
Space to breathe and reflect

The April 1, 2022 Yearly Examen retreat was challenging and welcoming and Jenn helped our group hold the door wide open for both of these experiences. Looking back at the past year with both loving and critical eyes is a helpful way to swim through the sometimes murky waters of your life and emerge bathed in sunlight ready to begin again, which we have to do over and over during our lifetime. The Examen helped me see, in concrete ways, how I would like to keep some thoughts, attitudes and practices and lovingly lay to rest other aspects of my behavior and my Christian practice. Diving into the crystal water of a new practice is challenging because I don't know where it will take me, but using the Examen I was able to see the pathway to newness a little more clearly. I highly recommend this excellent retreat if you're looking for clarity, authenticity, and depth.

Yearly Examen Guided Retreats
Diane Gregory (Florissant, US)
A Place to Pause

At the end of the April Yearly Examen Guided Retreat, I felt challenged and refreshed. Jenn is able to facilitate a groups of strangers in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and hearts to the other participants and to God. I was able to hear some things that God had been saying and I hadn't been listening well. It was a safe space to be vulnerable. It was also a place of curiosity and wonder. I wholeheartedly recommend it!


I joined when this was still 8 weeks but the experience was amazing. This course is all about gentle attention, both internally and also from our guides. The content is rich and stimulating and the appendices were some of my favorite parts.

Peace in the daily hum

I am so so thankful for SOD! I have been using the daily planner for a few years now. In using SOD it has helped to breath the peace, strength of scripture in to the activities, triumphs & hardships of my husband, kids and me. This humble guide has brought awareness of the expectant hope that is all around on a daily basis. Anyone who walking their inner journey with the Lord needs to get this tool to help guide their way!

Great planner!

I’ve been using SOD planners for several years. This past year I really determined to follow the Bible reading plan and it’s been life changing. I’m so thankful for SOD!

Beautiful and accessible

I always enjoy getting this planner and this year is no less exciting. Open Meadow is a great cover.

Excellent daily tool for reflection

The SOD daily planner has been a steady companion through an unsteady year, and has provided daily prompts to return to tried and true practices that support spiritual growth. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to create or reinforce habits on a daily/weekly/seasonal rhythm. There's also white space that's helpful for a bit of journaling and reflection.

So helpful!

This sample PDF was so helpful for me in deciding whether or not to purchase the planner! I loved it and purchased the daily planner as a result.

Great way to try out the liturgical planner

I purchased the monthly sample PDF for June and July, and put them in a small binder to test out the experience of using the liturgical planner before committing to the full version. The layout is thoughtful and well-explained. The PDF comes with opening pages that explain the practices laid out in the planner. It helped me get a real feeling of how I would use the planner and decide whether to commit! If you are also unsure if the liturgical planner is for you, the monthly sample PDF is the perfect chance to try for yourself.