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This is a wonderful planner in which to inscribe theology, appointments, and spiritual growth. Lots of good quotes. Lovely format.

Monthly Planner Sample PDF
Shannon McAdam (Vancouver, CA)
The perfect planner

I’ve loved my journey with my planner. It fits my reflective nature and my desire to live a different rhythm in my life, at the speed of my soul. I especially love the weekly examen pages that allow me to spend time each week in intentional reflection.

Absolutely worth it!

I was part of the inaugural cohort for this course, and it was absolutely worth it. I know the team has worked hard to improve the course since then, but it was deeply impactful even that first time. Although I had previously developed a rule of life before taking this course, my own version was too rigid and fueled by guilt. By comparison, this course was a breath of fresh air that gave me the freedom and tools to explore options that would enable me to craft spiritual habits that are both effective for me and flexible enough to adapt with the shifting seasons in life. The course materials were outstanding, which were supported and further expanded by the teaching. The best part was absolutely the cohort model as we journeyed alongside others, encouraging one another and growing together. A person could develop a rule of life on their own, but this is a far more effective method and well worth the investment. Highly recommended!


I joined when this was still 8 weeks but the experience was amazing. This course is all about gentle attention, both internally and also from our guides. The content is rich and stimulating and the appendices were some of my favorite parts.

Holding Cross
Toni Gatlin (Austin, US)
a comfort in anxiety

Throughout the insecurity and unpredictability of 2020, I carried this cross in my purse in a little pouch with other anti-anxiety helps (I refer to the pouch as my "freak-out bag"). It's a lovely grounding tool, a comfort to hold, and a sweet reminder of the ever-present Christ even when the world feels topsy-turvy.

Meant to share with my kids, I kept and LOVE IT

So simple and perfect to engage through the process of this Holy Moment with as much or as little effort during Lent as possible. I appreciate the moments I am able to sit and color, read, reflect, and find connection with myself and God, while my kids are also coloring their own things. It has given us a great family moment.

Perfect tool for teaching kids during Lent/Easter

I just printed this and sat down with my youngest to explore and color. In such a short amount of time, it has explained a timeline of celebration and given us the time to talk about how Jesus's ministry was three years, that a lot happened in those years, and more. I highly recommend it. Also, coloring is always good for every mind and developmental age for dexterity and fine-motor skills.

Holding Cross
Christine Peirce (Springtown, US)
Daily rest

I use this daily. Much like a rubbing stone, it has come into my hands as a way to calm myself, find patience, seek love for my kids and really just restructure my behaviors and anxieties. I have 4-5 around the house and I keep one in my purse. My kids also use them when they are struggling.

The ability to reach out and touch something, hold something, aids in refocusing and breathing deeply.

Holding Cross
Joseph (Lee's Summit, US)

I leave this little cross in my pocket, and it helps me to refocus my day. Any time I slip my hand in my pocket, I am reminded to recenter my thoughts and actions on God. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and the shape and smoothness makes it easy to hold.

Holding Cross
Anne (Nampa, US)

I love using this cross as a fidget tool when having conversations with young people who engage so much better when their hands are busy. It is beautifully carved and I love the faint scent of olive.

Holding Cross
Mikester (Phoenix, US)
Soothing to hold and meditate

I wasn't expecting much, it's just a wooden cross, but I thought it would be neat to place on a side table as a sort of curiosity. But I found that sometimes when I am especially worried or contemplative, I enjoy picking it up to hold and touch while I'm praying. I can fidget with it as I form my prayer and it provides a sense of comfort that as I am turning it over in my hands, I am literally turning it over to god with my prayer, and that he understands my worry and participates in the solution with me. One of those purchases you love way more than you knew you needed. Yay!!