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Excellent daily tool for reflection

The SOD daily planner has been a steady companion through an unsteady year, and has provided daily prompts to return to tried and true practices that support spiritual growth. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to create or reinforce habits on a daily/weekly/seasonal rhythm. There's also white space that's helpful for a bit of journaling and reflection.

Perfect for my needs!!

I had been getting more and more into GoodNotes after discovering digital journaling and looking forward to new liturgical planners that start in November when this four month version came out with the academic ones. I knew instantly I wanted to make the switch right away and I am so glad I did!!

Examen course

The Weekly Examen guided course was a delight and a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom. Jenn is a skilled and gracious facilitator and mentor, and hosting the course in an online group setting made it feel like joining a circle of friends each week. I looked forward every Thursday to the scheduled meetings; the weekly structure helped me stay on track with incorporating the practice as a regular part of my weekly rhythm. The month-long format is accessible even for busy people but the teaching is still impactful enough to help form new habits in a short span of time. I can't say enough good things about SOD and the courses I have taken, and I recommend this one to anyone who is curious about making the prayer of examen a part of their spiritual practice.

Holding Cross
Toni Gatlin (Austin, US)
a comfort in anxiety

Throughout the insecurity and unpredictability of 2020, I carried this cross in my purse in a little pouch with other anti-anxiety helps (I refer to the pouch as my "freak-out bag"). It's a lovely grounding tool, a comfort to hold, and a sweet reminder of the ever-present Christ even when the world feels topsy-turvy.

Keeps Me Focused

I love my Daily Planner! I've gone thru so many planners trying to find what Sacred Ordinary Days provides. As someone who is prone to get off track (and somewhat unmotivated to get things done), this planner helps me to stay focused. Anyone can make a to-do list. But the key to staying focused for me is knowing there's a reward or rest at the end of it. Genius! This is why the best feature of the planner is the Priorities-Cue-Rest/Delight section. I also absolutely love that they've built in a weekly examen to help reflect and reset. So vital to remain grounded!

Beautiful Book

This book is beautiful and thoughtful, and has helped me both to slow down and to see the spiritual significance in ordinary moments.

Liturgy for Morning Coffee

I love this print, which hangs above my coffee station in my kitchen! It is a beautiful, high-quality print.

So helpful!

This sample PDF was so helpful for me in deciding whether or not to purchase the planner! I loved it and purchased the daily planner as a result.

Beautiful Planner

This planner was so helpful in reorienting my thinking and rhythms, and I loved the inclusion of the Daily Office, Church calendar items, and space for priorities and cues. An amazing resource in viewing life holistically, instead of as a list of to-do items.

Beautiful faith-based board books

These books are one of my go-to gifts for new moms. They illustrations are so rich and colorful, and I love the way the books present faith stories to children from different perspectives (colors, animals, shapes). Just lovely.

Wonderful, beautiful book

This is a wonderful little book of prayers and liturgy. The illustrations are just beautiful. I find myself using the coffee prayer every morning, and I have a copy of this to a friend who has recently graduated from seminary. I also find the pocket edition a useful size!

Great way to try out the liturgical planner

I purchased the monthly sample PDF for June and July, and put them in a small binder to test out the experience of using the liturgical planner before committing to the full version. The layout is thoughtful and well-explained. The PDF comes with opening pages that explain the practices laid out in the planner. It helped me get a real feeling of how I would use the planner and decide whether to commit! If you are also unsure if the liturgical planner is for you, the monthly sample PDF is the perfect chance to try for yourself.

Weekly Examen

I enjoyed the Weekly Examen course. Although there is no "right" way to practice the Examen, it was helpful to be led through the practice to get a feel for the pace. On my own I feel like I either rush through, or belabor the movements and find frustration instead of peace and clarity. It's key to remember that the practice is about reflection. The practice is not undertaken in order to catalog the ways you may have fallen short in your devotion and service to God; the practice is undertaken to notice and see where God is and to see where you are and to see that God sees you and knows where you are. And He loves you exactly there.
I feel like the "class" size was appropriate. If there were a way to defy the laws of physics, it would have been great to have the opportunity to meet IRL. As that did not happen, the Zoom option was good.

Centering Prayer Group

I am so glad that I joined the Centering Prayer group. I was brand new to Centering Prayer, and it was a great experience to learn this practice in a guided group alongside others who were both new and others who have been practicing for a long time. I enjoyed the community aspect of it, but also appreciated the set aside time for prayer. There was good conversation with time to ask questions and hear answers both from Jenn and from others in the group. I can see fruits of Centering Prayer in my life and I am enjoying the time resting and being in God's presence, and it is something I will continue to practice and learn about. I'm 100% thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this group.

Centering Prayer Guided Practice

My experience with this group was a 5 star experience I have been practicing CP for a few years, and wanted to be with others who are both starting out and experienced. Our group was a great mix of different people on the same journey. From time to time I wondered if I could “do” CP “better”, so I signed up for the guided practice. Good call on my part.
I learned new tools, and the responses of group members during our reflection time helped me grow in my own CP experience. Jen’s prompts for reflection produced insightful comments from the participant that really affirmed and stimulated my spiritual formation.

Pairs well with Culture Care

This book really does pair well with the Culture Care also offered.

A little different

I expected this to be filled with art, but instead the art is words. It is testing me a bit, but I am slowly working through it.

Wonderful gift

Giving to two of my wonderful students for graduation with notations for favorite prayers.

my favorite planner

I just bought my 4th SOD planner. I use the academic year since I'm in seminary. The weekly layout helps me keep track of assignments and the liturgical features help me stay present and grounded. The combined planner and liturgy remind me that my work is my worship too. My SOD planner helps form me and give rhythm to my days.

Great book, great size!

This is a lovely book - the liturgies are poetic and there are so many different prayers for all different occasions. I got this to give as a gift but ended up looking through it myself before giving it and am tempted to buy myself a copy as well! I opted for the smaller size and really like it - the pages feel nice, the soft cover gives without feeling flimsy, and as weird as it may sound it's just a pleasant experience holding the book.

Liturgy Prints from Every Moment Holy
Laurel Capesius (Manson, US)
Beautiful High Quality Print!

I have the liturgy for morning coffee print, and it is such a lovely thing to see every morning. I had a spare frame that I put it in, and you can see it is clearly high quality (even without the frame). Highly recommend these prints for anyone who might need a little mindfulness in the "everyday" parts of life!

"Imaging the Word"

This is an incredible resource that includes a diverse collection of art, poetry, music...all connected to scripture and the church calendar. I have already thought of several people I plan to gift with this inspiring volume.

Working through the words

Beautiful book, but also from what I've gleaned, beautiful understanding.

Handy resource

This little book is the perfect guide to more intentional prayer throughout the day. A wonderful resource!

Liturgy Prints from Every Moment Holy
Deidre (High Point, US)
Liturgy for Morning Coffee

This looks very nice and is well made. Framed and hung it fits in with a lot of different styles.