Celebrating 5 Years of YOUR Sacred, Ordinary Days

It is a great joy to celebrate five years of sharing the important, hard, beautiful work of spiritual formation with you through tools, resources, and community.

We say this a lot, but we just can't say it enough: we're grateful for you. We're grateful for your work, words, and witness. We're grateful that you choose to walk alongside us week in and week out in these emails and on social media. We're grateful for your orders, your reviews, your thoughtful questions and suggestions, your shares and referrals, and—above all—your hunger to grow in Christ-likeness.

It's hard to believe we've been sharing in your sacred, ordinary days for five whole years! Reflecting back, I'm amazed at all we've done together. Chelsea, our brilliant graphic designer put together these fun infographics—which capture a tiny sliver of what we're celebrating on this anniversary, but by no means all of it. 

I've known from the beginning that I wanted to and felt called to create something bigger than myself. It needed not to be a ministry that would ultimately not rise and fall with me, the limits of my experience, or my own gifts and weaknesses. I knew that creating spiritual formation tools, curating spiritual formation resources, and connecting with a community around spiritual formation was a calling that required more than just me.

So, to have a whole team surrounding me in the last year to help create not only planners, but also a WHOLE amazing shop, a podcast (in production for an Advent launch!), courses (coming in 2021!), and some new ways for our community to gather online and offline is the best part of a long-held vision come-to-life. As I often say, my ego has plenty of problems, but needing to have this be the "Jenn show" isn't one of them.

In honor of our 5th birthday, we're also officially launching the Sacred Ordinary Days Planner Fund. I shared a little about our hope for this endeavor a few weeks ago. Your overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to that email inspired us to make the fund a reality sooner rather later. So today, it's official.

To learn more about how the fund works, nominate someone to receive a planner, or partner with us to offer a planner to someone with a need visit sacredordinarydays.com/plannerfund.

Thank you again, for making our first five years together so vibrant, rich, and rewarding. My cup is filled to the brim and I look forward to many more years.

Alongside you,