Join us in Nashville this April? (+ a podcast, video, and book recommendation)

Happy finish-deleting-all-the-valentine's-day-emails-day, friend. :)

Last year, Hayley and I spent two and a half days in Denver, Colorado attending the Q Ideas conference.

Philosopher and theologian James K. A. Smith started off the conference with a talk called "What Does It Means That We Live In A Secular Age?"

He discussed the danger of the disenchantment of Christianity and mentioned that "the future of the church is ancient," meaning that there is a richness to tradition, liturgy, transcendence, communion, and enchanted spirituality. Our contemporary society seems to have lost this enchantment. "What's going to haunt [non-believers] is going to be a religious community that has punched skylights into our brass heaven... where they realize that the cosmos is charged with the grandeur and glory of God," he said. He gave us words and language to help explain why we do what we do at Sacred Ordinary Days.

Watch the full talk. We were yes-ing, silent-clapping, and nodding like crazy. Does it make you feel the same way? (Psst you'll love his book You Are What You Love, too.) 

It was one of many talks that we listened to that enriched and challenged us. Q is full of them.

The Q Conference is for you if you want to stay curious, think well, and advance good. In fact, we bought two full tables to this year's conference in Nashville so that we could invite you to join us (literally around a table, which is our favorite place to meet). 

There are eight spots left and we would love for you to come.

Join us for Q 2017, April 26th - 28th, Nashville, Tennessee.

You can learn more about Q Ideas on their website, but in a nutshell, the vision of Q boils down to this:
  • Q exists to so that Christians can learn how to faithfully exist in a constantly changing culture. 
  • Q structures conversations across four broad themes: culture, future, church, and gospel.
  • Q facilitates the investigation of deeper engagement and responsibility in each of these areas.

Luckily for all of us, Q also has a podcast and you can watch videos of the talks at past events. But, part of the joy of being at Q is having the conversations together that the talks prompt...and then continuing to be in those conversations for weeks and years to come.

You saw last week that we're building a new online home for you. Some people might assume that it's because we'd rather hang out online than in real life. Short answer = no. We'd always prefer to connect in person, but given that our community is world-wide, we know meeting in person is not always doable. So, this is a rare opportunity to join us live, until we're ready to have local Common House meet-ups (hosted by you!) later this year. 

I'd love to see you in Nashville soon.


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