S1 | E1: Soul Friends + The Beginning

Happy Wednesday.

The first episode of the #sacredordinarydays podcast is officially available! I've got everything here you need to know below about how to listen, how to get the most out of each episode, and why we're approaching this first 15-ish episode "season" as one, whole resource.

If you're a podcast listening pro, then there are a few things we're doing differently than the other podcasts on your playlist, so you'll want to read below, like everyone else.

If you're new to podcast listening, then you can send me a thank you note later for the world I just opened up for you. :) Let me know what rabbit trail you followed, okay? 

A podcast is basically a radio show, delivered through the magic of the internet instead of a traditional radio station. Podcasts are also accessible to listen in at any time you like. They're easy to rewind if you missed something or even pause and save for later.

I hope you've done something recently that required you to stretch and grow and be brave. If not, I'd love to recommend it to you as a spiritual practice worth considering. This podcast is one of mine and it is already bearing good fruit, even before any listeners entered the scene.

 Sacred Ordinary Days Season 1 | Episode 1

Join Jenn Giles Kemper of sacredordinarydays.com and Lacy Clark Ellman of asacredjourney.net as they journey together through the liturgical year in the first season of the Sacred Ordinary Days Podcast.

You can listen to our introductory conversation below, and our Advent and Christmas episodes will be coming out shortly! 




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