Simple Rhythms for These Complicated, Unpredictable Days

On Monday we started Formation Foundations: Rhythms, a series that's all about helping you cultivate sustainable—and sustaining—rhythms of life.

One thing we've heard from so many of you this week is that you're looking for new rhythms to help you stay grounded in this time of uncertainty. Me, too! I'm also mindful of the opportunity that this time offers us for reevaluation and reflection. I especially loved what Julie said on Facebook about her daily rhythms: 

"Strangely, the cosmic shift that occurred with COVID19 that brought me to working from home and on the Internet, also provided an opportunity to reflect and adjust and reprioritize my daily habits/rhythms."

Maybe you're already embracing the gifts and graces of "pandemic-tide" rhythms. Or maybe you feel more like Gayle who commented on Instagram to say:

"I never feel like I have accomplished enough. And I certainly don’t have the perspective of what 'enough' looks like. ❤️️️Finding a rhythm is my new goal."

If you need inspiration for your daily rhythms, here are some anchors shared by our team and our kindreds this week. All you have to do is pick one to start with and you're on your way to establishing sustainable—and sustaining—rhythms of life.

            • centering prayer
            • meditation
            • scripture
            • yoga
            • therapy
            • journaling
            • gratitude
            • making the bed
            • gardening
            • prayer of examen
            • laundry
            • daily office
            • morning prayer
            • reading
            • solitude
            • coffee or tea
            • podcasts
            • open space
            • breath prayer
            • time with loved ones

Tomorrow, we'll wrap up the week by talking about prepping your space for your daily practices. If you're just now joining us, don't worry, we won't leave you behind. You can still respond to each days' question on Facebook or Instagram.  

On Monday, we'll start Week 2 of our series, which is all about weekly rhythms—including prayer, scripture, Sabbath, and community. Week 3 is for seasonal and yearly rhythms. We're hoping to help you reflect on and reset your rhythms of life so that you can approach the days to come with fresh vision and firmer foundations. 

My prayer for us today is that we learn to live in the "unforced rhythms of grace" together. 

Alongside you,


P. S. My heart is especially heavy for all the teachers, students, and parents who will be returning to school (in some form or fashion) over the next few weeks—as well as those not returning as teachers or students because of COVID complications. I pray you will be exceedingly gentle with yourself as you adjust to your new rhythms.