Day 16 #formationFOUNDATIONS | Seasons of Life


Today is the sixteenth day of our #formationFOUNDATIONS series. In case you're new here, you can read more about this series or start from the beginning at Our goal for this series is to help you...

  • LEARN about different spiritual practices that you can adopt for your own walk. You will learn how to make the most of your Sacred Ordinary Days planner or the FREE Essentials Workbook you got when you joined our newsletter list, which has all the most essential pages from the planner that we don't want anyone to miss out on.
  • PRACTICE these things on a daily, weekly, seasonally and yearly schedule. You will be able to lay (or bolster up) a strong spiritual formation foundation by clearing the space for your new spiritual practices to deepen.
  • SHARE your experience with people who speak the same language. You'll get to know the other members of our community, who are some of the wisest, most interesting, super fun, and most real people I know by following along on Instagram or Facebook or inside Common House, our ecumenical online community.

Day 16 | Seasons of Life


How would you describe what season you're in right now? Perhaps you'd say "focused on family" or "in school" or "my job is my main thing right now." Perhaps you'd describe your emotional state or talk about a transition you're in. Recognizing the season of life you are in right now is simply that - recognizing where you are now. 

Very often when we enter a new season of life, say from having no children to having a baby or small children, or from being in school full-time to working full-time, we need to make changes in our intentional spiritual practices. What we used to do may not work any more or the time of day that we used to have might be switched for a different pocket throughout the day. This isn't a good thing or a bad thing, it is just different. Maybe you used to have long, quiet mornings before you needed to be somewhere and now it seems as though you are on the move from the moment that your alarm goes off.

What change can you make? Do you need to find a different hour of the day? Or have long times on the weekends since your weekday times feel cut short? Or maybe you are in a season that has created a lot more time and space for you: what practices might you explore adding to your life? Do you have the time to join a group or attend a retreat to help you with that?

Our planner is about helping you find practices and rhythms that work WITH the season you're in, not against it. We also have no desire to add to your to-do list. Nope. Not how we roll. Instead, the planner extends invitations, prompts, pauses, and ideas that you can accept and try on, ignore, or save for another time. Every season has its own joy and challenges in every season you may need to make changes as to how you live your ordinary day as a sacred ordinary day. 

We've also got a community of folks in Common House, our online ecumenical community, who would love to walk with you through your current season. Some will be in the same spot (and we make it easy to connect). Others will be in a different spot in the journey, perfect for teaching and learning.

Now it is your turn ... 

What how would you describe the season of life that you are in? What changes have you made to your life as you intentionally live in this season?

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This is the fourth week of our Formation Foundation series and will focus on Seasonal Practices. We'll always share the latest blog post in the series at when it's live. So, check there each day for the latest!

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